What does "Naatu Naatu" mean?this is what we know

What does “Naatu Naatu” mean?this is what we know

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The 2023 Oscars have already proven to be a big day for Indian cinema. The nominations were recently announced, and it looks like the national hit movie RRR was presented with flowers at this year’s ceremony. The film’s most famous song, MM Keeravani’s “Naatu Naatu,” was nominated for “Best Original Song” at the 95th Annual Academy Awards.

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Non-Indians (or simply those who don’t speak Telugu or other Indic-translated languages) may not immediately get used to the smash hit track that dominated this year’s Oscars. So, what exactly does “Natsu Natsu” mean? Read on to find out!


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What does “Natsu Natsu” mean? The song has been nominated at the 2023 Oscars.

It takes a lot to be recognized by a prestigious institution like the Academy Awards, but “Naatu Naatu” is not your average song featured in your average movie. Spotlighted in the film’s dance battle scene, the “Naatu Naatu” insert is as energetic and daring as it can be. Likewise, the song’s lyrics, originally in Telugu and composed by MM Keeravani, have a similar energy, making them Oscar-worthy.

The English-translated track opens with “Like an aggressive bull jumping in the dust of a field/You dance/The drums are blaring loud/Son Raju flies and dances”. In the film, this coincides perfectly with the start of the dance battle.As the actors begin to move, the lyrics of the riot are “Stick battle in rough shoes/Dancing like a band of boys gathered in the shade of a banyan tree.” ” continues.

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The song continues with “Dance like you’re eating jowar roti in Chile” as the actors completely explode into an Oscar-worthy dance routine. It is then followed three times by a chorus that translates to “Listen to my song”, followed by “Let’s dance, let’s dance, and let’s dance/Let’s dance bravely”. The same lyric, which is “Let’s dance crazy,” followed once again.

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To further the call to dance, the lyrics are, “Dance like you’ve eaten a green chilli/Dance like a sharp knife/Like a drum beat that makes your heart beat faster/An ear-numbing shriek of a bird’s voice.” Continued with “like.”

Most of the rest of the song continues in a similar fashion, offering an eclectic and humorous comparison of how people should dance.

Towards the end of the track, it concludes with a very poignant line like Let the dust rise/Let’s dance. “

Given the upbeat and energetic way RRR introduced “Naatu Naatu” to the world (and its dance routine), it’s no surprise that it would become one of the next big songs to take platforms like TikTok by storm. .


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