What did Luke Bryan say about Dustin Lynch? Here's the scoop

What did Luke Bryan say about Dustin Lynch? Here’s the scoop

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When it comes to country music, there are no big names right now like Luke Bryan and Dustin Lynch. The two stars each impacted the genre’s reach throughout his 21st century in their own way, each garnering millions of fans in the process. Throughout their career they have performed together.

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However, Luke recently made a rather shocking comment about Dustin during a live performance that had many fans asking questions. Have you apologized for your words? Read on to find out.

Dustin Lynch, Luke Bryan

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What did Luke Bryan say about Dustin Lynch?

In a viral TikTok video shared by user @country_musicfan23, Luke can be seen performing to a sold-out crowd on stage at the Crash My Playa 2023 festival. Fans seemed to love the performance as usual. However, Luke’s introduction of Dustin angered many of the attendees and online viewers.

Luke said of Dustin, “No one drank more, threw up, took more drugs, had more IVs, passed STD tests than this next gentleman.” stage.

Naturally, both fans were stunned by the award-winning singer’s choice of words. “I’m disappointed in what Luke said,” he said, adding that Luke should apologize.

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Luke Bryan has decided to apologize to Dustin Lynch for his comments on stage.

After many fans expressed disgust at Luke’s introduction to Dustin, the former decided to apologize to his fellow musicians.

While “little duck hunting” in a “flooded cornfield” on Jan. 26, 2023, Luke took to Instagram Stories to apologize for how he took Dustin out on Crash My Playa.

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Dustin Lynch and Luke Bryan

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“Nobody respects him more than I do,” the singer said before adding. [Crash My] Playa … His introduction was a complete irony. The words I used were so ridiculous that I thought everyone would find them ironic.

Luke recognized that “obviously some people” were angry with him for mentioning drinking, drugs, and sexually transmitted diseases.

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Nonetheless, he added, “I spoke with Dustin. I love him. He and I are all good people. I apologize to anyone who doesn’t understand my humor and sarcasm.”

On his Instagram story, Dustin wrote, “‘Thank you for calling me, love ya bro’,” followed by a heart emoji, before the singer declared, “I’m fine,” and ended with, “Very It’s fun to play at festivals.


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