Blair Waldorf could have ensured a Season 3 of the Gossip Girl reboot

Was the ‘Gossip Girl’ reboot saved by the mighty Blair Waldorf?

I don’t remember who said comparisons are thieves of joy, but when you take advantage of the popularity of the original series to do a reboot, comparisons are inevitable to determine if it lives up to its standards. Hmm. of the parent program. Please note that we are not talking about original products. We are talking about repeating what was done before. The decade between the end of “Gossip Girl” and the start of this reboot made the show a bit of a guilty pleasure It was hilarious to watch a wealthy and privileged teenager act as if the weight of the world rested on his shoulders, but it was also ambitious in an artistic and unattainable way, and we wanted to create a story. The show was not without its faults. There was little to no representation, and characters like Chuck were quickly canceled instead of him becoming a fan favorite. Don’t get me wrong, we are fully committed to them.

When the reboot was announced, it was my chance to discover a similar series that I could fall in love with without the guilt. But in order to do that, the series has lost its power. We blame you for writing this. The wordplay and one-liners were spot on, but the plot got terribly bogged down. The series tried to stick with some of the original’s strongest recurring themes: Serena and Blair’s rivalry and Chuck and Blair’s love story. So shouldn’t her casting come first and foremost?

in the first season, Zoya seemed like a candidate for it, but it was built more by dialogue than by actual situations. As for her and Obie’s relationship, could the makers fail to round up someone more compatible? It was everyone. Serena and Blair were very trustworthy best friends who were always fighting.

What we have to realize is that two women fighting is not just a misogyny myth. Serena and Blair didn’t fight over boys or decide who was the more “worthy woman”. They were fighting because of their polar opposite personalities and unhealthy communication skills. Conflicts were also about the real-world value of effort and the appeal of effortlessness. It’s been about 10 years or so. In 2006, when this debate wasn’t part of our consciousness, Selena, as a naive teenager who didn’t understand that this was a world within a world with no real social currency. It was everything we wanted. It felt like Blair was a villain, but it took me a while to understand her strong person. Even today, when we grow up and see reason I idolize her instead of Selena just because. Who was I supposed to idolize in the reboot?

Was it Zoya, whose principles were idealistic to her faults but had nothing to do with petty high school drama? Was it Monet? Or was it Audrey who, finally, didn’t want to deal with Julian’s antics any more? Who was it? We believe it was all. Zoya wasn’t involved at all season 2, but wasn’t it Obie that started the fight between the half-sisters in season 1, which escalated into a class fight and then resolved itself? It was one of the most mundane fights.The supposed magnitude of their disagreement meant only to them. And when I got through it all, there was Monet. Every single one of her fights with Julian was so satirical, including the way she carried them out. Blair never did.

Finally, there was Audrey, who actually had good reasons to oppose Julian. In fact, she was the closest thing to Blair in the series, she had her confidence, her manners, and her goals, so why not use her from the start instead of splitting the three? Also, to be honest, Emily Alyn Lind was one of the two or three actors in the series that had a strong appeal of her own, the other playing Max Wolfe. It was Thomas Doherty. Reviews of the episode refer to him as Chuck Bass 2.0 many times. We stand by it, but we can’t deny that he still brought something of himself to the role.The honesty and dignified vulnerability made us really endear him. It may have felt pretty close to repetitive, but giving Audrey and Max some relevance to the overall plot would have made us love the reboot more.

Julian started each season with a conflict between her and some subplot’s current Blair Waldorf. 3rd season, if that happened, it would have been with Luna. I didn’t give them anything to buy. With so much focus on Julian, the reboot’s Selina van der Woodsen is one of the most annoying characters ever who can’t really see beyond her own nose, whatever her intentions are. Serena is interesting because she was the antithesis of Blair, who I hated at first. Once her hate turned to love, Serena wasn’t what everyone wanted: Blair Waldorf 2.0 should have been the centerpiece of this series. Two seasons can’t be without a good fashion moment.

After all, the “Gossip Girl” reboot isn’t the original, and it’s self-aware accordingly. Excuse me while we go back to see some of the epic takedowns of the people around our favorite characters.


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