What is child abuse? Physical, psychological or sexual maltreatment with an immature child who does not even know what sexual abuse is or what that particular body part is used for. 

Did you listen to your child when they told you about the abuse? What was your response? Did you make your child feel comfortable telling you every single detail? What kind of relationship do you have with your child?  Do they feel your presence and involvement in their issues? Do they have any language for RAPEIt is because you didn’t raise your children in a way that they might know their bodies can be violated.  Do you have the guts to confront the abuserDo you have the courage to talk about it?  No?! Why? Why are you afraid to open up? Why do you want your child to go through the suffering that no one would want to happen to anyone anywhere in the world? Do you understand the delicacy of this matter? Do you know the after-effects on the child himself? Around 1 billion children are physically abused worldwide.

Who is responsible?

Parents? Society?

Child himself?

Parents are responsible for not developing the trust between them; society is responsible for letting the barbarians roam freely around in there. They don’t speak against them, and they get the courage to humiliate kids and teenage girls. 

Exploiting an immature child’s feelings by sexually harassing them and giving them a shut-up call to not to tell anyone or else the consequences will be severe. Such traumas have very strict after-effects on a child’s life.

Let’s talk about the after-effects. A sexually abused child feels guilty, harms himself in several ways, blames himself for every problem, low self-esteem, insomnia, fear of interacting with anyone, nightmares, flashbacks, sexual dysfunction, addiction to drugs and self-harm, chronic pain, suicidal thoughts and whatnot. He fears places that remind him of such an incident, a check-up from a doctor, smell of blood etc. haunts him and makes him restless. His desire to live like a normal human being, his self-esteem, his desire to fly in the sky among his friends fades away. He becomes continuously depressed and feels everyone as his enemy. 

He keeps hiding from the world of ordinary people. His body stops functioning like other standard bodies. He feels numb and useless every second of his life. He sees no motives behind his existence. PTSD and PPD become a part of his entire life which he cannot eliminate from his life no matter what. The fear of his parents or society’s reaction upon telling the incident kills him from deep inside. 

Bottling up such emotions and not asking anyone for help leads to more isolation which usually ends in the form of suicide or abnormality, which cannot be compensated at any cost.  

Therefore, keeping a friendly relation with your kids and kids around is very necessary. There should at least be a person with whom any child can easily share up his problems to avoid such serious issues. By this awareness, the attacker would stay in limits and would not harm any child in future.