Twitter "For You" and "Following" pages explained

Twitter “For You” and “Following” pages explained

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The only constant is change, especially when it comes to social media. OG remembers when everyone went from Myspace to Facebook and then from Facebook to Instagram. The Internet landscape is constantly evolving as technology companies struggle to stay relevant. So every other week we have a new app update.

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A while ago, Instagram updated its interface with a ‘Notes’ feature. And this year he in January, yet another app changed things.

Apparently, Twitter just changed their homepage and people are freaking out about it.for you” page and your “Continue” Bait.


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What is a Twitter “For You” page? A description of the app’s “For You” and “Following” features.

Similar to TikTok, Twitter users can “Continue” When “for youis a page that generates content based on your likes and interests.

This means you don’t have to follow anyone for content to appear in your feed. However, a new feature in the app does not allow you to mute people you follow. That person’s tweet is your “for you” Feed too.

However, unlike TikTok, Twitter’s algorithm hasn’t gotten much hit. Needless to say, Twitter’s “for you” page actually works. While some Twitter users welcomed the update, others weren’t as happy.

“The Twitter”for you‘This app is no longer available for IDK due to page updates,’ one user tweeted.

“Default Method”for you‘ every time you open the app. For example, I don’t want to see her 3-day-old tweets from people I don’t follow. WTF,” said another voice.

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Twitter vs Following explained for you

The app update comes months after Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk. Platform “for youThe feature is just one of the many changes Tesla has made since taking over as CEO.

the infamous “for youUpdate, Elon also provided users with a tutorial on how to add yet another tab to Toggle.

“Use Pinned Lists to improve your Twitter experience,” he tweeted, explaining a series of steps. “This will allow you to swipe left [or] It is located between “For You”, “Following” and “Lists”. ”

To add a Tweet to list, then tap Profile Options. With this feature, users can aggregate their favorite accounts to create their ownfor you” When “Continue“feed.

I think this user said it best when he said, “Twitter, be yourself.”


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