Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 8 Recap Ending Explained Ron Cephas Jones and Octavia Spencer

“Truth Be Told” Season 3, Episode 8: Recap and Ending, Explained: What Happened to Andrew Finney?

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Episode 8 of “Truth Be Told” Season 3 was a look at sexual assault survivors like you’ve never seen before. We recognize that the psyche of a survivor is rarely a linear narrative, but after watching this episode through Elinor, the mother of Trini, Eva, and Poppy, we realize how complicated it can be. We understood Trini’s hesitation in not letting Aubrey go, but we didn’t know the reason behind Elinor’s actions, so Eva surprised us in this episode. We’re with Poppy when she says she doesn’t understand what she’s doing. Maybe our only job is to be patient and allow someone to heal at their own pace. As for Trini, it was nice to see her breakthrough. provided some clarity about her mother. This is what happened in Episode 8 of “Truth Be Told” Season 3.


What happened to Emily Mills?

Emily Mills was brought back from her kidnapper’s home, and everyone was relieved that she was safe and unharmed. It claims to have been love and goodwill. But Officer Ames isn’t convinced that everything is as it seems. When he sees a picture of Emily Mills’ room before her disappearance, he realizes something is wrong. Acting on his intuition, he uncovers startling evidence. When he goes to see Emily Mills’ family later, he tells them that Emily was never actually kidnapped. Everything was her plan and Peter was in on it. Peter was stealing money from his wife by having Victor siphon the funds from his account. Emily found out and contacted Peter’s coke dealer, Marv, to stage her kidnapping. She wanted to be famous and Marv would have gotten her bounty if he found her.

Emily’s teddy bear went missing from her room and was found at Marv’s house, so Ames knew it. Emily’s mother tells Ames that her daughter will take responsibility for her actions. As for Peter, he claims he knew about the plan only when Marv came to him and asked about his reward money. He also says he’ll check into rehab, but it’s clear his marriage is over.

trini and aubrey

Trini struggles with her feelings for Aubrey for quite some time now. She was gaslighted and groomed enough to hide Aubrey’s flaws. When she hangs out with Melanie, she tells her that she could always tell when Aubrey zoned out and he was there for her at the time. Little things like this make it hard for Trini to accept that she was chosen by him to help a human trafficking ring. Trini asks Zarina if she can go out for ice cream with Melanie and her mother allows it. However, Trini goes to see Aubrey instead and asks him a question she’s probably wanted to ask for a long time. She asks him if he knows what happens at the mansion. but he thought Trini could say no if he wanted to. But Aubrey’s answer turns off a light bulb in Trini’s head and she tells him that he made her believe he had to do those things for him, which Aubrey justifies. Things are clear for Trini. When she gets home she confesses everything to her mother who forgives her.They talk about how confusing it is and ask Chen for help who has experience with such cases. I decided to ask.

Conflict with Poppy’s mother

Poppy has been dealing with new revelations about her mother for some time now. After finding out she wasn’t Shreve’s daughter, she was still willing to make peace with it, but after finding out her mother had reverted after marrying Shreve, she decided to put her mother in a new light. See inside. As she deals with this dilemma throughout the episode, Shreve helps her work through it by taking her to Elinor’s brother, Uncle Bugs. tells Poppy that her father, Alexander, was a controlling and abusive man. Fortunately, Elinor met Shreve and was able to start a new life with him, but the reason she returned to Alexander was to protect her children. So Eleanor was worried that she might find Poppy and Desiree as well. She therefore returned to him to keep him away from them. She did not tell Shreve this.

Poppy, who couldn’t figure out whether her childhood troubles were due to her irresponsible mother or some unavoidable circumstances, changes completely. Knowing that Eleanor loves her with all her heart, Poppy can move on with her family at ease.

Season 3, Episode 8: Ending Explained – Who Killed Andrew Finney?

Eva is furious that Poppy didn’t use the interview in which she told her about her past. To be honest, we don’t understand her anger, but she has chosen not to comment, while Poppy discovered that no video footage had been obtained from the mixer. The man who assaulted Trini, Billy Ochoa, has investments in multiple companies, and Poppy and Marcus believe he may be the reason the evidence was completely erased. Find your old contacts and get their videos. But one of his in the video gives Markus and Poppy a new perspective. They discover that it was a woman who was doing the recording. This means that Andrew Finney may not even be the person who pulled the strings. When Poppy goes to talk to Finney, he slips her a note saying he will meet her after her because he can’t talk there. Finney also runs into Eva in the parking lot that day and she tells him who she is. Finney denies knowing her, but she checks her hands for tattoos or not. Much later, as he was leaving for the day, someone had run him over with his car multiple times. As his case was being investigated, Ames told Poppy that his death seemed personal because of its brutality.

Now that Poppy and Ames know Finney isn’t the kingpin, they theorize that Billy Ochoa could be their man, but whether or not that’s the case will be revealed in future episodes. I understand only

final thoughts

Anyone who last saw episode 8 of season 3 of “Truth Be Told” thought it was Eva who killed Finney. There was a kind of confused look on her face when she confronted him in the parking lot. What if Eva was king after all? Maybe she never left her life, but instead moved the base to a position of power. It was her way of telling him. It would change a lot of things, and it would be the most shocking twist of them all. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s waiting for you.


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