Time to meet Professor Tootsie

Time to meet Professor Tootsie

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No need to get a squirrel! In case you haven’t heard yet, his animal musical comedy series Kiff premiered on Disney Channel on Friday, March 10th.

Kif is voiced by Kimiko Glenn, the main character, who plays the voice of a very curious young squirrel who continues his adventures in the mountain town of Table Town with his rabbit friend, Barry Buns, by H. Michael Kroner. The show is produced by Disney and Titmouse, which is also the show’s animation studio.

Edebiri Ayo guest stars as the voice of Professor Tootsie in this special surprise episode entitled “Kif’s Mix”. According to Disney Branded PR, “After Kiff spontaneously creates a perfect mixture of cereal, she, Barry, and Trevor attempt to recreate it.”

Check out exclusive footage of the new episode on any of Disney’s official YouTube channels below.

The main cast of the show are:

Kimiko Glenn as Kif Chatterley – a young optimistic squirrel who is the protagonist of the series. Michael Croner – Kiff’s best friend and sidekick, Barry Buns, the sweet and mellow rabbit. James Monroe Iglehart – Martin Chatterley – Kiff’s father. Terry Bunnes – Barry’s sister. Josh Johnson as Harry Buns – Barry’s brother. Dee Dee Magno Hall as Miss Dear Teacher – Deer who is Kiff and Barry’s teacher.

Does any of these names sound familiar? With a cast like this, you definitely don’t want to miss the series. contains the musical number. If this sounds like a show to you, get your friends young and old together, sit back, relax and enjoy watching Kif!

What did you think of exclusive clips? Are you going to watch that program every week? Share your thoughts and stay tuned to Hidden Remote for news and coverage of upcoming Disney shows! Again, new episodes will air weekly on Disney Channel and Disney+ after they air.


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