Tim Allen faces allegations from Pamela Anderson over her book

Tim Allen faces allegations from Pamela Anderson over her book

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For many people, Tim Allen has always been a favorite Santa Claus. But in the ’90s, he was also the star of his own hit TV show, Home Improvement. Although she later rose to fame on Baywatch, Pamela Anderson was a co-star for the first two seasons of the show. claims he wasn’t right for her on her first day on set.

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But what exactly are the allegations against Tim Allen? And in 2021, he said on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast that he likes the way Donald Trump pisses people off. .

Pamela Anderson

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What is Pamela Anderson’s claim to Tim Allen?

Love, Pamela will be released on January 31st. But before that, Variety shared details of an excerpt from the book. In it, Pamela details her first day on the renovation set. According to her, Tim said he’d seen the former Playboy’s centerfold nude, so that was his way of making it “equal.”

“On the first day of shooting, I walked out of the dressing room and Tim was in the hallway in his robe,” she wrote in her book. “He opened his robe and gave me a quick flash. I was completely naked underneath. He saw me naked, so he said it was fair.”

The allegations were serious and Tim wasted no time addressing them.

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Tim Allen, Pamela Anderson, Richard Kahn in Source: ABC

Tim Allen, Pamela Anderson and Richard Kahn co-star in “Home Improvement.”

What did Tim Allen say about the accusations?

When Variety released the excerpt details on Jan. 22, Tim made a statement to the outlet.

He said, “No, I never did. I would never do that.”

Whether or not that puts a lid on Pamela’s allegations against Tim remains to be seen. This may not be the last time I heard about

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There is also a Pamela Anderson Netflix documentary.

Pamela’s Netflix documentary, Pamela, A Love Story, is set to release on January 31, the same day as her book. In it, Pamela shares intimate details about her life through her photographs, her journal, and interviews with Pamela herself.

One of her sons, Brandon Lee, is also a documentary producer, helping Pamela tell her story in her own words.

“I was so hesitant, but looking back, I feel empowered,” she told Netflix. [my story] Inspire people to worry less and have a great time. ”

After Hulu’s dramatized version of Pamela and ex Tommy Lee’s sex tape scandal, this is her chance to share her life story with fans in her own words.

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