TikToker says remote workers are ruining working from home via TikTok

TikToker says remote workers are ruining working from home via TikTok

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A study conducted by Texas Women’s University found that the overall benefits of working from home far outweigh the drawbacks. “Some subjects reported benefiting from new job skills, career planning, positive feelings about their organization and work, and improved quality of work,” they found. reported experiencing increased physical and mental health, personal development, work-life balance, and energy.

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How did a small percentage of people appreciate such a great setup? They use TikTok to brag about how much free time they have each week. One TikToker delivers an incredible message to bad apples trying to ruin this perfect remote work bunch. You know what they say about the snitch? they go back to the office.

Journey with Rosie

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These remote workers are ruining WFH via TikTok

TikTok user Journey With Rosie took his beef to TikTok because he was fed up with his fellow workmates bragging about wasting their working hours doing nothing. “Listen, I’m sick of all of you working from home yelling from your TikTok roof that you’re basically doing nothing for half the day,” she said in Greece. said with the kind of righteous wrath usually used by the gods of the world.

“First of all, because I’m working from home and I’m too busy to tear my eyeballs out,” she said. (Oops, Rosie, now we’re in Prometheus territory.

You know, unless your social is set to private, you can find out about yourself pretty quickly these days. As Rosie wisely said, “Your employer and every other employer will see your post and say, ‘This is why people have to work in offices.'”

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All reply comments agree with Rosie!

As one TikTok user said, “I’m working harder from home than I used to from the office. I don’t want to lose it.” Rosie added, “Me too!! I don’t want to go back to the office and sometimes I feel like I have to prove myself.”

I hope employers are mindful of what happens to employees when they are trusted to work unsupervised at all times.

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For some people, working from home is far more than the joy of wearing pajamas all day and hanging out with pets when you’re stressed. I work at and help offset medical bills, which eases my anxiety,” said one TikTok user. TikTok user Sean said:

In conclusion, ask not what you can do while working from home, but what you can do while working from home. The correct answer is, of course, work. The wrong answer is to tell the whole world how you’re screwing around.

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