The secret of writing a good article

The secret of writing a good article has never been unknown. Anyone having a grasp of grammar and syntax can write an article. However, if you intend to turn your writing passion into a source of living, you would prefer to utilize your skills. You can easily generate your income by writing articles and getting them published on different platforms. 

Sources to publish your articles

 – Newspapers

– Commercial blogs

– Magazines

– Informational websites

These sources are always hungry for fresh, authentic, and original content. However, article structure is your starting point even when writing:

– Email campaigns

– Advertising  

– Marketing copy

– Reports

– White papers

– Business-to-business communications

– Guidelines

– Handbooks

However, understanding its structure and formation is the secret to writing an excellent article. You can use your writing skills to create a well-versed report and put your ideas in place properly, thoroughly, concisely, coherently, and clearly. 

Format of an article

All the articles are based on the following format:


– An impressive title/topic

– Introduction

– The body

– conclusion  

Beginners usually ignore the title’s importance in attracting viewers’ attention. Therefore, it is essential to crafting a title that is informative and enticing to attract more viewership.

What should you consider before writing an article?

You need to consider 5 Ws and 1 H before crafting any article. 

5 Ws

– Who

– When

– Where

– Why

– What

1 H

– How

Apart from that, you should know how to write an article and keep everything in a loop to keep it interesting. 

Let us know what you think of these factors. Comment down your thoughts and add up your suggestions too.



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