The Miqueira Nogueira Mascara Controversy Explained

The Miqueira Nogueira Mascara Controversy Explained

Alison Hunt - Author

TikTok influencer Mikayla Nogueira is known for her thick accent, great looks, and sassy personality. But these days, she’s known for her controversy.

Late last year, Mikayla was accused of being an influencer on TikTok. And just last month, she was accused of photoshopping photos and videos of herself.

Now Mikayla is under fire for her L’Oreal mascara sponsored post…

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I explained Miqueira Nogueira’s mascara controversy.

On Jan. 24, 2023, Mikayla posted the above TikTok promoting L’Oréal’s new mascara, Telescopic Lift. In the video, Mikayla explains how this mascara “literally changed”. [her] life. This looks like false eyelashes. ”

She then puts on mascara and shows me the length that I can get with this mascara.Mikayla ends the video by stating, “I don’t know if anyone can compete with this mascara.

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Nothing too out of the ordinary, right? Now, her problem is that Mikayla allegedly wears false eyelashes in the video misleading her viewers, and the people in the comments definitely didn’t let her off the hook. …

miqueira nogueira mascara

Many people call her out for wearing false eyelashes, saying things like “Tell me what false eyelashes you used”. Others use the pun “lashlighting” to make fun of the situation. .

Still, some people aren’t keen enough to ask Mikayla, “Don’t insult our intelligence like this.”

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Others have joined the platform to express their dissatisfaction. Creator @alissa.ashley is one of those voices him. In her controversial video, Alyssa talks about losing people’s trust.

“Things like this are why people don’t trust influencers and it’s very infuriating. Likewise, little moments like this are why the whole influencer gets a bad rap. More specifically: Beauty influencers who do product reviews and do sponsorships. They always say ‘oh we can’t trust them’…everyone is affected by that…because who Because I don’t know if I can trust it.Everything posted is f–fake. ”

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Even Jeffree Star commented and tweeted about the drama.

Jeffrey tweeted a photo of the mascara, stating, “Let’s start this review… Jeffrey Star approved, no!?”

This obviously got the fans excited. One person even tweeted, “I just want to thank Mikayla for letting Creepkeeper (Jeffree Star) retire.”

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In our personal opinion, if Mikayla was wearing false eyelashes and promoting mascara on TikTok, she probably shouldn’t have. She fully listens to those who feel their trust has been broken. We all come to her TikTok for recommendations and trust influencers to tell us the truth.

But at the same time, almost every mascara commercial model you see is wearing false eyelashes. But why don’t we bring this up to shed some light on her and give her a little leeway?People make mistakes. Try the mascara yourself and return it if you don’t like it.


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