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‘The Glory’ Season 1: Why does Yeo Jung’s past help Dong Eun?

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I often wonder why people want love so much. There are many other emotions that are equally necessary for human survival, but love takes the crown. It cannot be argued that love alone does not form the foundation of any relationship.It requires respect, understanding and communication. is. Love is a beautiful canopy that gives purpose to the foundation. So maybe that’s why we pursue love — the effort to get into a relationship is actually worth it and you’re with someone who makes you happy just by being there. There are also people who can be like. Humans are complex beings, presenting parts of themselves to the people around them. Others see a side of us that no one else has seen or will ever see. We cherish these relationships because when that person is gone, we take that part of us with us forever. Love is selfish, so is pain, and Yo Jung from ‘The Glory’ knows that.

Yo Jung’s character was written with some gaps and honestly he should have had more screen time. In fact, the way his backstory was resolved is just an afterthought to justify his love and support for Dongwoon and why he’s her proper “executioner”. But when we saw the scene where he confronts his father’s killer and promises him his own justice, we realized we had missed something really remarkable. Because in that moment he was far more menacing than Dongwoon managed to do in the entire 16 episodes of “The Glory.”

In a previous article, Kim Eun Sook, the writer of the series, said that this drama did not really meet our expectations. ‘, ‘Goblin’ and ‘Gentleman’s Dignity’, the last of which was the drama that made us fall in love with the Korean wave that waved many years ago. was two people connected by the murder of Yo Jung’s father at the hands of the latter, and we fell in love with Yo Jung as a character independent of Dong Woon. It was a conversation where we finally understood that love wasn’t the only reason why was ready to risk everything for Dongwoon. Conversation. This is the attitude she should have. This was how “The Glory” revealed her sinister side hidden beneath her quiet, withdrawn exterior to justify its existence about Dongwoon. It not only made Do Hyun’s Yeo Jung intriguing, but also overshadowed Song Hye Kyo’s overall performance.

For most of “The Glory,” Yeo Jung is Dong-woon’s long-suffering lover. He liked her the moment he saw her, or at least piqued her interest in her, and he did everything she asked, sometimes by interfering. I’ve spent months and months teaching him Go, and I can’t even have a conversation, let alone a friendship, let alone a conversation. When Dongwoon disappeared from his life, he moved on in the same way, even though he could never forget her. He promised to stay by her side when she asked for help. When I first saw the scene where Dongwoon exposed her scars, I thought it was the fear she faced that made Yojeong take her side. . But I wonder why he never tried to talk to her about reconciling her affairs. All our doubts always come back to “conversation”.

Yeo Jung’s father was killed by serial killer Yeon Jeong. He was the only doctor who was willing to treat the wounded Young-cheon. Therefore, why he chose to kill his doctor left everyone baffled.Even though Yeon-cheon was sentenced to death, he didn’t stop tormenting Yeo-cheon. He continued to send him letters from prison, taunting him each time.Yeo Jeong’s mental health suffered, but he stopped his treatment. I won’t go into how the Korean drama is mistreated, but the bottom line is that the death of his father left a permanent scar on Yeo Jung.

As much as I was embarrassed by Yeon-cheon’s rationality, it was undeniable that it was an act of extreme cruelty, and Yeo-jeong’s revenge was always on the cards. It is a revelation of the depths of his insanity when Yeo Jeong finally says that he killed the doctor because he was worried when treating his son. He reveals that he doesn’t consider himself human. This is exactly how he felt when he saw Dongwoon’s scars. According to Yeo Jung, a person who could commit such atrocities was not human and that was the decision that made his contract. I believe it also applies to He lived for his mother so that one day he could avenge his father. But when she met Dong-woon, she felt peaceful happiness for the first time, which is why her mother wants her to not give up her life for Yeo-jung.

When Dongwoon disappears again, Yeojeong waits for her, and when she returns, plots revenge against Yeoncheon, this time for good. Only then can we truly move forward in life to find happiness with each other and beyond.


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