The best tweet reactions to 'Madonna Boot Camp'

The best tweet reactions to ‘Madonna Boot Camp’

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There was no shortage of biographies released in the past few years, including those depicting the lives of late icons like Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe. News broke that a feature film is in the works.

Many of these prolific pop culture icons passed away all too soon, but Madonna played a big part in telling her own story, from writing to directing to even casting.

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The audition for the role of the singer in “Like a Virgin” was so demanding that the process was called “Madonna Boot Camp”. (More on that later!) However, recent reports have confirmed that Madonna’s biography has been scrapped.

The announcement received a huge reaction from Twitter, who couldn’t help but feel sorry for the former Madonna Boot Camp trainee. Read the best reaction tweets!

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Ozark’s Julia Garner wins Madonna’s bootcamp. But why was the Madonna biopic canceled?

According to THR, the actor had to survive an 11-hour workday of singing, dancing, and opening up at the table to win Madonna’s blessing. After months of training, Julia finally outlasted her competitors and secured her place in her film.

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Julia Garner

Unfortunately, her efforts appear to have been in vain.

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, reports revealed that there won’t be a Madonna biopic after all. But along with the bad news, fans got a big surprise. In January, Madonna also announced that she would be embarking on a world tour.

Here’s what Twitter had to say about it: …

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“Make a band”…but make it Madonna.

Creating a band was one of the best things to happen to reality TV, thanks to celebrity choreographer Laurean Gibson. I can only think that it was.

don’t laugh…

Madonna invites all the girls from Madonna Bootcamp on stage during her tour. However, they have to pay for their own ticket.

— Michael Brown (@boyinquestion) January 24, 2023

Madonna could certainly redeem herself in the court of public opinion by inviting her fellow cadets on a world tour.

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We need a movie about Madonna movie boot camp.

OK, no biography. we accepted it. But can we at least get a biography about biographies?

Somebody check out Julia Garner.

The meltdown Julia Garner had when she realized that instead of the canceled Madonna biopic, a movie about Madonna’s boot camp had to be made and it was probably all for nothing

— Alyssa (@posterofagrl) January 25, 2023

Our good sister stays reserved and busy, but I can’t help but feel sorry for Julia who almost pulled the rug out from under her on this one. Maybe one day we’ll see her in the Madonna documentary series.


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