The best Fortnite cheats used by pros


Choosing the best Fortnite tips on board will eventually enhance the chances of survival in the battle royal because the mechanics and landscape continue to evolve every season. However, despite the changes made, the core gameplay is consistent; subsequently, the best Fortnite cheats will stand you in good stead now and in the future. That is where these tips come in to serve you with a better base in the game so you can build on to gain better experience from the matches.

This battle royale has been up and running for over three years now. Hence, it might look daunting to the newcomers to jump into this stage to take on the veterans; however, it is unnecessary to be this case every time. The game is accessible to the fresher with the right approach. Henceforth, if you learn the method of playing the best Fortnite cheats and take on board the Fortnite tips, then you are giving yourself the best option to have fun and stay alive as you work towards getting a Victory Royale.

  1. Tweak your settings: there are multiple settings to change before starting the matchmaking process to make things feasible for yourself. Under the game, set SCRO (Sprint Cancels Reloading) to On for you to take evasive action quicker, TBO (Turbo Building to On), and ASTRO (Auto Sort Consumables To Right to On) for helping with the inventory management to throw up the structures without pressing the button repeatedly instantly. ‘Controller Options’ set CARO (Controller Auto-Run to On) for you to double click the left stick to instantly run forward along with other things like checking the map. Lastly, under “Wireless Controller,” you can set the Build Controls to the Builder Pro configuration to select multiple building pieces for them to construct on the fly.
  2. Make the right start: you might see many Named Locations over the map, and most players initially head there because these places have the most loot. Consider a place to land with a decent distance until you want to instantly get into a scrap away from the battle bus route and not too built up. However, stay prepared to switch destinations and be on the lookout around you to spot other players that have an aim on the same section. Remember that your glider opens automatically if you drop a height above the ground. Henceforth, aim for the tiniest spot to eliminate gliding prematurely.
  1. Choose the best gear: gears and weapons are the essential items you have to get your hands on because, without them, you cannot inflict much damage and defeat the enemy standing between Victory Royale and you. Items have colour codes and can be instantly identified as:

– grey is common

– green is uncommon

– Blue is rare

– purple is epic

– orange is legendary

– gold is mythic

Rare weapons have more damage, so it is better to swap if you see any rare weapons. Ensure a ranged weapon while making your arsenal during the match, i.e., bow or an assault rifle, shotgun, SMG (a close quarter weapon), or something explosive to cover all your bases while putting down your enemies.

  1. Stay in cover: avoid running straight across open places unless you have an option because it is the most feasible way to get hunted down by the enemy who might set a trap while you are unaware, open fire on you, or track you. Move through the trees or hug the outer side of the building to stay covered. While still being able to look around for threats hiding inside more enormous bushes will keep you safe. Also, crouching inside little bushes can uncover you in front of the enemy.
  2. Avoid going on the offensive: you do not instantly rush to engage with the enemy you see in the combat. Unless you have a more prominent shot with a ranged weapon, taking a pot shot from a distant place will only alert them regarding your location. Therefore, you must get close to the enemy before hunting them down to catch them off guard. If other players are fighting, let them hunt each other down so you can instantly move in to launch an attack once any of them is eliminated. This way, they will not get a chance to heal and renew their shields to fight against you.

There is no need to construct giant towers or double-wall fortress to win the battle. However, instantly throwing up an essential defence position can help you out of a scrape. For example, with a ramp in the middle, three walls in a U shape can protect you from getting shot from the sides or in front. This way, it will let you peek over the top to come back and return fire while looking for your enemy.


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