There is a ton of different emulator apps available on the google play store, but Retro Arch is one of the best emulators for Android.

It is tough to pick the best emulators out of so many on the google play store. For instance, the emulators that provide good features are no longer free. They are paid ones mostly. So, people who are going to spend bucks for an emulator would definitely want it to work properly in the future.

We have compared various emulators on the google play store and picked up the most feasible ones for Android devices. These emulators can help you cherish the nostalgic memories of your childhood’s favorite game on smartphones.

What are emulators for Android?

Emulators are softwares to support different older and newer operating systems on your Android devices. For example, you can use emulators to run old games supported only on old consoles onto your modern smartphone devices.

These are legal to download and use, but you should be cautious with the copyrights of games. Don’t use pirated games over these emulators because they can easily be tracked by legitimate owners.

 So, without further ado, let’s jump into our list of most favorite and easy-to-use emulators. But before diving into details, have a look at these 14 popular emulators for android devices.

1. Retro Arch


8. FPse
2. Myboy and My old boy 9. M64Plus FZ & FZ Pro Emulator


3. DraStic DS Emulator 10. Dolphin Emulator (Sega Dreamcast)


4. Citra 11. Redream




12. DosBox Turbo (MS-DOS)


6. 2600.emu


13. ePSXe for Android


7. Nostalgia.NES and NEs.emu


14. ClassicBoy Gold



Retro Arch

Pricing: It’s completely FREE

RetroArch is the all-in-one emulator for android devices. It is a frontend option for emulators to enhance the gaming experience.

It feasible for classic old games and runs them over a wide range of smart devices and consoles. It has a smooth graphical interface, and its configurations are also easy to set up.

In addition to this, Retro Arch also permits the users to run original game discs (CDs).

It is the ultimate solution to all your needs as it is compatible with every system you need. Systems like classic Nintendo consoles, arcade boxes, the PlayStation or Wii, etc., Retro Arch brings about enormous opportunities for gaming collections in just one solution.

The features of the emulator include shaders, netplay, rewinding, next-frame response times, run ahead, machine translation, blind accessibility features, etc. Here are some of its latest features that are upgraded with time.

Myboy and My old boy

Price: Free Version / $3.99-$4.99 each

MyBoy and My OldBoy are super-fast emulators for Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, respectively. They provide tons of features with extremely fast performance.

My Boy! is a full-featured emulator that can be run onto various types of Android devices, including low-end old phones and modern smart tablets. It emulates all aspects of the real hardware with accuracy.

There is a free version of this emulator to know the nitty-gritty details of software before buying. Therefore, it is limited in features. But it doesn’t compromise the fast speed of the emulator.  Users use the free version to see whether they want to spend bucks on the full-featured emulator or not.

We recommend buying the paid version of the emulator for true mobile gamers because it can sync your saved game states or videos over Google Drive. In addition, it’ll help you to play your saved game states on different devices.

By far, this emulator can support link cable emulation with accuracy and fast speed. However, don’t forget that you would need to use My Oldboy to play GB/C games because the old version supports old platforms.

Also, the emulator allows you to link up two different games easily. For that, you can go through the instructions on their website.


Drastic DS Emulator

Price: $4.99

DraStic DS Emulator is one of the best Nintendo DS emulators for Android. This is a Nintendo DS emulator that’s incredibly fast and reliable. Users can save and resume the game states as per their wish. You can also adjust the size and position of controllers over the DS screens.  Yet another feature of the emulator is that it has support for hardware keyboards. Also, it provides the ability to fast-forward the game or use multiple controllers. Also, it lets you sync saved games via Google Drive.

It doesn’t provide any free version to try, so make sure to test it out in the refund period!


Citra for Android

Price: Free / $4.99


Citra Emulator is currently the latest emulator for Nintendo 3DS. The app expedites many basic features of emulators, such as save and load states, adding external controllers, and other such things. Most importantly, it supports native 3DS features such as the microphone, camera, and motion controls.

With the premium version, users also get some additional smooth features like a dark theme, filters, etc. The emulator has compatibility with most games. It is, by far, a good choice for gaming.


PPSSPP (PlayStation Portable)

Price:  Free / $4.49


For Sony PSP games, you need a PPSSPP emulator to run these over your Android devices. It lets you play free games or convert your own PSP games in .iso or .cso format.

It runs a lot of games, but the speed of games depends upon the power of your device. If the hardware cannot support the graphics n’ all, then it will slow down the gaming experience.

Similar to other emulators, you can also transfer saved games from your PSP.

However, it features stable ROM support. Additionally, it has a free version as well. The emulator gives all the normally available array of features for an emulator.



2600.emu (Atari 2600)

Price:  $3

Everyone misses the memories of old Atari action. The 2600 emulator supports a wide variety of devices that involve the original Xperia Play, and the latest Nvidia Shield or old phones such as Pixel phones.

It is an open source-based emulator that requires ROMs in .a26 or .bin formats so that the zipped files work fine. It also allows saving states and some controllers via Bluetooth.

Nostalgia.NES (NES Emulator) & NES.emu

Price:  Free / $1.49-$3.99

Nostalgia emulator is a significant developer on Google Play. They provide three unique emulators: Game Boy Color, NES, and Game Gear. In addition, they feature primary save/load states, hardware gamepad support, customizable virtual controllers, and many other features that are specific to the various game consoles.




Price: $3.63

FPse is another fastest and most compatible PlayStation emulator for handheld devices.  This one focuses more on deep customization. Several setting options, plug-ins, and other stuff enhance its gaming experience. These can enhance the graphics and provide support for different hardware devices as well.

You’ll have to create an ISO image from your favorite PlayStation game disc to run it on your Android phone.


M64Plus FZ & FZ Pro Emulator

Price:  $4

This is a great Nintendo 64 emulator that allows compatibility of various old games such as Super Mario 64, GoldenEye 007, etc. In addition, it provides powerful custom features such as uniquely scans your device and builds a library containing box art.

The Pro version gives support for SD cards, netplay server, and GDrive cloud backup. A router with UPnP is required to play games over the internet. However, glitches may occur while supporting various video games due to hardware and software deficiencies.




Dolphin Emulator (Sega Dreamcast)

Pricing: It’s completely FREE


The Dolphin Emulator provides the best Dreamcast console, and its monthly updated beta version is just incredible. Sega created this console with an internet connection for the first time. Also, it supports many hardware devices. This is one of the oldest and reliable Dreamcast emulators.



Price: Free / $5.99

Redream is another Dreamcast emulator that provides high-definition graphics for your Dreamcast games. However, you’ll have to remember to extract your .7z or .zip files before you play them. It gives tough competition to other Dreamcast emulators because it provides stable and reliable gaming sessions. Plus, it is compatible with many gaming platforms and runs them at full speed without any issues.

DosBox Turbo (MS-DOS)

Pricing: $3


DosBox Turbo is a Dos emulator that supports many old Dos and Windows games. It is an optimized emulator, and it is integrated with an enhanced port of the latest SVN release of the emulator. Along with this, it has amazing Voodoo Graphics, IPX Networking, and other PCI Devices. Run your old DOS and Windows games quickly, with full mouse, keyboard, sound, and analog joystick emulation.

Please note that the device for this emulator must have at least 50+MB of storage space and at least 256MB RAM. Users have to just copy their old DOS games onto the devices or SD cards and start playing!

It’s optimized and robust, but you’re likely to get the odd random failures— just as old DOS programs used to have. However, the plus point is that it provides LAN support as well.




ePSXe for Android

Price: $3.75

ePSXe is a popular one in the market that shares characteristics of PSX and PSOne emulators. It works on providing a better, clean, and easy-to-use gaming environment. For not so Tech-savvy people, it’s the best option available because you don’t have to manage settings; it does it on its own.

Users just have to simply load their ROM and play games. Moreover, it allows virtual keyboard customization and provides support for virtual touchscreen pads. It is also compatible with external gamepads, and  Bluetooth devices, or USB devices such as Wii Mote, etc. And analog sticks hardware controller support, and saving game states, etc.


ClassicBoy Gold

Price: Free / $5.99

This one is a powerful, all-in-one emulator that supports the same various consoles, including PlayStation 1, Game Boy systems, Nintendo 64, NES,  Sega CD, Game Gear, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, and others.

Moreover, the emulator also features save the game states, provides hardware controllers, other various audio and video options, and much more!

And the premium version provides gestures, auto-loading, plugins, and some other stuff. Maximum 4 players can be defined to map to the external gamepad.

It permits users to connect to the Internet and download external plugins to support more games, write external storage: store games state and app settings, Vibrate, Modify audio settings, Bluetooth: support, and much more.