"The Bachelor's Christina Mandrell was accused of bullying

“The Bachelor’s Christina Mandrell was accused of bullying

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Spoiler alert: This article contains potential spoilers for Season 27. Bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor fans who were worried about a poor season due to the good Zach Charcross as Season 27’s lead may have no more to worry about. And that’s because there’s a lot of drama with contestant Christina Mandrell at the center of it all.

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In fact, Christina has been accused of being a bully on The Bachelor. And while it’s a strong word that can get killed off so often on the show, it’s rumored that fans are asking a lot of questions, mostly about who Christina is. , gave us an edge over the competition when we met Zack at the September 2022 Bachelorette season finale.

Christina and Zach in Source: ABC

Christina and Zach first met in “After the Final Rose.”

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Now Christina is making waves due to bullying rumors and because she was one of five women who met Zach before the other contestants got their chance. The accused woman, Brianna Thorborn, was also one of five women Zack met before the season officially began.

Is Christina Mandrell the Bully on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 27?

According to spoiler expert Reality Steve, Christina will be at least three weeks into the rumored tease reaching a boiling point. Reality Steve wrote on his blog in January 2023 that Christina was being unkind to her fellow contestant, Brianna, during a pool party in lieu of her third cocktail party. shared that they continue to

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“Perhaps Christina was the instigator and to Brianna, her first impression of the roses[at the live After the Final Rose]was from America, not from Zack. I think I told him,” Reality Steve wrote. “It all escalated at a pool party and Brianna quit.”

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The real-life Steve also shows Christina drinking too much the whole time at The Bachelor, revealing that Zack will send her home during the third rose ceremony. While The Bachelor’s reign as the so-called “villain” is short-lived, her actions will very likely earn her on her Bachelor in Paradise.

Christina Mandrell

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Will Christina Mandrell Get Brianna Thorborn to Quit ‘The Bachelor’?

Reality Steve also shared on his blog that Brianna left The Bachelor early. She enters the season with a first impression rose after America is given the chance to vote for one of Zach’s first five contestants.

But if the spoilers are true, Christina may have gotten a little jealous that she wasn’t awarded a rose before the season. Reminders are said to have forced Brianna to quit the season despite her own solid start.

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