'The Bachelor' Season 27: Is Zach Charcross Engaged?

‘The Bachelor’ Season 27: Is Zach Charcross Engaged?

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Spoiler alert: This article contains major spoilers for Season 27. Bachelor.

Unlike our previous installments, we’re actually excited to see the new season of The Bachelor. As the next lead, we hope to see him take off as a reality show that puts finding love front and center. .

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That said, we can’t wait to see how his journey unfolds.One is Zack getting engaged?

Brianna Thorbourne and Zach CharcrossSource: ABC

Is “The Bachelor” contestant Brianna Thorborn a candidate for Zack? Let’s find out…

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Will Zach Charcross Get Engaged on ‘The Bachelor’?

Ahead of the season premiere, Zack sat down with Grammer to discuss all things The Bachelor. said.

“Obviously everything went well, it’s an absolute whirlwind with its ups and downs and it’s certainly going to have its drama. It’s natural. It’s the Bachelor.” As for how it all turned out, I can definitely say I found love, I can’t speak for its shape or how it looks, but it’s there and I’m very happy.”

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The lead did not discuss the matter further, but the Instagram account @bachelorwhatever is keeping a close eye on the show and its spoilers. As a result, they reported that Zach got down on one knee and proposed to Gabriela “Gabi” Elnicki. Now, this information is pure speculation, so we suggest you take it with a grain of salt.

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Just days before the Season 27 premiere, resident spoiler king Reality Steve updated fans with a new spoiler. One of them has to do with Gabi and his 2022 book How to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree. According to Reality Steve, a 25-year-old account his executive is seen reading this earlier in the season.

There aren’t many details about the situation, but now one can’t help but wonder. Is she reading the book and still interested in finding love with Zach? Or is this just a game for her? ? only time will tell.

Season 27 of The Bachelor premieres on Monday, January 23, 2023 at 8 PM ET on ABC.

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