Every New Year demands a new kind of break, a sort of pause that will make you feel free from stress and all the worries, no workload, and no frustration of meeting deadlines or dealing with bosses.

With the year that ends, the New Year brings new events and trends that attract you to attend them. So, keep the bank balance high and let us suggest to you the most amazing and marvelous places to release your stress luxuriously.

Covid has drained all of us a lot and shook us to an extreme. Henceforth, it is time to take a break from everything and relax our minds.

Here are the 25 best places to travel and make beautiful memories.

  1. Cairo, Egypt: 

The largest city of the Arab and the capital of Egypt, the dynasty of mighty pyramids and the pharos, known as Cairo, is the 15th largest state of this world. It is titled the city of a thousand minarets (tower built into or adjacent to a mosque) because of the Islamic architecture.

Cairo trip will satisfy you to the best of its views, starting from the camel rides in the deserts of Giza to the famous cruise along the River Nile (vital because it provides water to fertile the land as Egypt as a whole is all deserted).

Then comes the Egyptian museum, which was designed in 1896 and had more than 150K antique items and similarly some mosques and pharaonic life discoveries. Egypt is famous for history, so if you are interested in learning history and discovering such things, this is your place to visit.

  1. Austria: 

It is a land-locked country in central Europe with nine federated states, one of which is Austria’s capital and the largest city, Vienna. Austria is famous for its epic beauty, mountains, and architecture-equally justifying its worth altogether.

However, you can enjoy the beauty in winters more than any other season, as it is famous for skiing and snowboards on the slopes of the Austrian Alps. However, its unique culture and historic architecture have its charm.

The cultural anchorage for music, diverse architectural styles, and fine arts is in Vienna, where hosting 200 balls every year and honoring classical music concerts are great traditions.

It is one of the best places to travel with your friends who have the same taste as yours. Believe me, you will cherish the musical rhythms and vibrant views until the end.

  1. Panama: 

It is one of the intercontinental states in America, covering Costa Rica, Colombia, etc. However, Panama is the largest city and the capital of these states. It is the best place to travel alone for inner peace and satisfaction is Panama because of its unique destinations.

La India Dormida (the sleeping Indian girl) is the most prominent mountain located in El Valle de Anton. It has several trails, which may vary from easy to extreme, leading to the various sights of mesmerizing waterfalls.

Panama is the only city with a jungle in its city center, having exotic wildlife called Panama home. In short, it is one of the best places to visit and make memories.

  1. Marrakech, Morocco:

It is an imperial city in Western Morocco; It is the fourth largest city of Morocco, an exotic city, tempting tourists with its beauty and charm. The most popular of all is the Menara gardens, a beautiful escape from scorching heat in summers.

As it is the city of royal people, duke and dutches, a special burial place, The Saadian Tomb has been made with special privilege and honor. Mosques have always been a source of attraction and have fascinated the Muslims or non-Muslims every time because of the structure and the history of Islam. Koutoubia Mosque is a landmark of this city made in the 12th century and is the largest mosque of all; however, non-Muslims are not allowed inside the holy place.

However, Savvy travelers travel towards Jardin Majorelle to escape from the busy city and relax in the oasis of beautiful flowers and lush greenery that soothes one’s heart and mind. It is one of the best places to travel with family and friends to enjoy and endure the time.

  1. Dubrovnik, Croatia: 

It is famous for its distinctive old town, well-preserved buildings, massive stone walls, and, most of all, GAME OF THRONES. I would suggest a three-day trip to Dubrovnik and a full-fledged bomb plan to enjoy those three days to the peak.

Fish and meat lovers are suggested to get the services of Lady PIPI, who provide an outdoor setup for a live barbecue of the meat, which is of great value for money.

Then there is Dubrovnik’s famous wall, on which the walk lasts for a maximum of 2 hours. The top tip for the trail over the wall is to go in the afternoon when there are chances of rainfall.

  1. Kenya: 

It is a country located in East Africa, along with the Indian Ocean. Nairobi is its capital, and the official language is English. Kenya is famous for wildlife safaris for decades, whereas other activities like trekking, ballooning, and snorkeling increase charm and attraction.

Kenya is well known for its dramatic extremes, classic contrasts, coral reefs, tribal cultures, and freshwater lakes.

Malindi is one of the best introductions to attract tourists in Kenya with beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Some sports like deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, and other water activities are of great fun. Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain in Kenya and is covered with snow and slopes covered with forest and offers a beautiful sight. For soul satisfaction, Kenya is your way to go.

  1. Maldives: 

It is a small island located in South Asia. It is famous for its majestic Islands, best for the Honeymoon. It is the best place to travel for newlywed couples or even older couples too.

Male is the best luxury spot for the luxury-seeking couples as its protected ocean pool called artificial beach is famous for underwater scooter diving and snorkeling.

Couples planning a serene honeymoon must consider Biyadhoo Island, famous for sparkling water and a wide range of water sports. Other Islands have well-equipped over-water bungalows to stay in, shaded by coconut palm trees giving feels of intense romance.

  1. Brazil: 

It is the largest country of South America and Latin America and is famous for its breathtaking forests and birds chirping around. It the best place to travel for bird lovers. Rio de Janeiro is the most visited place in Brazil, for fun and business both. It has a vast range of enjoying spots, i.e., beaches, scenery, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Most of all, the carnival is famous, which is held every year in Rio. Florianopolis as the most significant number of beaches for the tourists to visit, and is partly located on an island.

  1. Washington D.C:  

It is the capital of America, famous for its history, historical monuments, and museums. Let’s start with the Capitol Hill (House of Representatives and Senate) is recognized as the symbol of the United States. Library of Congress leads from the Capitol to one of Washington’s little-known places through an underground passage and is the world’s most extensive library.

Then comes the White House, the residence of the President of the state is an iconic building built by James Hoban in 1792.

Similarly, there are other historical places such as Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, National Mall, etc. Hence, it is a place for history lovers who are keen to learn about old things.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa: 

The land of harbors and cable cars, to climb up the mountains is a port city on the southwest coast of South Africa. There are several activities that you can do for free in Cape Town and enjoy to your fullest. The Two Oceans aquarium allows the birthday person free entry to celebrate your birthday. The agencies provide service of hiring cars for free to enjoy and explore the town with more ease by giving a limited number of kilometers and a 24-hour countrywide emergency service.

Visit the sea point is not complete if you don’t enjoy the cool breeze and the mesmerizing sunset.

Where there are forests, there are free animals too, just like one in Cape Town. Squirrels roam around freely, and you can feed them. This is one of the destinations that you would want to come up with your loved one.

  1. United Arab Emirates: 

It is commonly known as Emirates and is a world-famous country for all in one service, enchanted with biggest shopping malls, resorts, dining, food courts, yearly fair organized in the more significant areas having different stalls and swings, is one of the terrific places to visit with the family and friends.

One of the soaring sky-high landmarks of Dubai is Burj Khalifa, the tallest freestanding structure in the world. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Hajar Mountains, Abu Dhabi, the art museum, and the Desert Safari call out the love for traveling and visiting this place once in a lifetime.

  1. Canada: 

It is the second-largest state in the world and is enriched with beautiful landscapes and unique places to visit.

Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa are some of the musts to visit cities. In the Northside of Canada, the great river flows out to the Arctic Ocean.

The country remains loaded with snow during winters and makes one’s life a bit hectic; however, the permanent residents are used to it.

  1. Lille, France: 

It is France’s capital, located near the border of Belgium, well known as the cultural hub and bustling university city of today’s era. Grand Place is one of the famous places, which is the favorite meeting place for Lillois.

Then comes the fine arts museum, a place for art lovers and is the second most famous museum in France. There is a massive collection of European paintings by great artists.

France is well known for its ancient history and is the best place for history lovers and romantic people.

  1. Bangkok: 

It is the capital of Thailand, and unlike other countries, it is noisy, over-crowded yet colorful, exciting, and exotic in its way. There are plenty of places to visit, such as temples, ancient sites, modern shopping malls with high-end ambiance, and much more. Bangkok is a gateway to several other parts of Thailand.

If you are not interested in any other historical place, you don’t need to visit any, but your trip will be incomplete if you don’t attend one of them: the Grand Palace. It was built in 1782 and was the residence of the royal people and is still used for important occasions. Other historical places such as Wat Pho, Wat Arun, the temple of the Golden Buddha, Wat Suthat, etc. can be visited.

  1. Ecuador: 

It is a country in South America where Spanish people reside, and there are tons of activities to do there, such as climbing snow-capped volcanoes, riding mountain bikes, etc. Let’s start with the most famous place, Galapagos, a destination where people come for mental relaxation by swimming with sea lions or shopping purposes.

Mountain biking is another activity for all the age group people in Quito and is an easy day trip to go for.

The best day to go the market is Saturday, when all the vendors from the surrounding region gather at a place to show you unique things.

Amazon Jungle is a must to visit point which can be carried on by going further towards Banos for canyoning, hot springs, bridge swings, paragliding, waterfall tours, and much more.

It is an ideal place for a more extended holiday.



  1. Singapore: 

It is a place full of thrills, spills, and nonstop action channeling your inner action hero, soar high on adrenaline, hop on a cable car, and make your way out to bring out your inner self. Singapore carries the beauty of galleries, museums, and theatres altogether, where art can be found at the corner of every street, walls, and sidewalks. It’s a paradise and heaven for the food lovers offering almost 260 different food stalls at a sprawling hawker center. It is a dreamland that should be visited once in a lifetime.

  1. Sri Lanka: 

It is a land of romance, lush green tea gardens, golden beaches, stirring mountains and romantic landscapes, has no shortage of magnificent and alluring spots. Some of its must to visit places are Ella, Nuwara Eliya, Mirissa, Colombo, Jaffna, Arugam Bay, etc.

  1. Portugal: 

It offers an incredibly diverse range of visitors’ attractions, including national parks, beach resorts, out of the way towns and villages, sandy beaches, world-class golf courses, remote mountain ranges, and whatnot. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is the most alluring city having jaw-dropping panoramas from various miradouros.

  1. New Zealand: 

It is one of the most magnificent countries with different visiting spots out of which one of the locations was destroyed due to the earthquake; Napier was rebuilt and is now famous for the sunset view.

Punakaiki coast looks like the edge of the world where everything can be seen from far off.

The Waikato River is so vivid that it looks fake to the person who sees it for the first time; however, the famous Huka Falls from where the water comes from is present a few kilometres away from the river.

  1. Oman: 

The sultanate of Oman is present on the edge of the Arabian Peninsula is an exotic destination filled with unbelievable attraction. If you get excited by the deserted areas, incredible mountain ranges, warm beaches, and historic forts, then pen down Oman as your next destination.


  1. Montreux, Switzerland:  

It is located in the feet of the enthralling Alps, famous for its sophisticated charms, such as jazz festivals and other occasions. This is where Charlie Chaplin spent 25 years of his life, singers and poets were born and bred. The temperature here is usually mild and can be visited in any month for site seeing and blooming flowers.

Chillon Castle, studio experience, Freddie’s statue, stroll along the lakeside, walk around the old town, peek at the palace, and other activities should be on the top of the list.  

  1. British Virgin Islands: 

It is a British overseas territory comprising of 4 main islands, a few smaller ones too. They are ravishingly beautiful and breathtaking masterpieces created by the Lord. All the islands are ideal for boating, snorkeling, fishing hotspot, sunbathing, reef fishing, bonefishing, diving, etc. British Virgin Island is best for fun itinerary ideas such as traveling with your family, planning a long romantic weekend with your loved one, or business trip. It will be an unforgettable holiday that checks all the boxes.

  1. Frisian Islands, Denmark: 

It is also called the Wadden Sea Island, which forms an isle in the North Sea. No one will take more than a minute to fall in love with this place and its enchanting beauty. However, they are undiscovered, but hold incredible nature and have their language and culture. One of the well-known beach resorts is in Germany, called Sylt, a popular pastime where rolling hills protect animals like birds, native horses, seals, etc.   

  1. Malawi: 

It is one of the most spectacular destinations on this planet, which should be jotted down on the top of the list. Hike the Mulanje Mountains, check out the wildlife, do some food testing, experience Zomba in the fresh air, dance and sing with people around you, use local transport, eat local food, buy from local markets and much more like this. You will cherish it for a lifetime.

  1. Barbados: 

It is an eastern Caribbean island famous for cruise-ship port, botanical gardens, beaches, Harrison’s cave formation, local traditions, etc. Unlike other countries, Barbados has a unique national symbol, and that is a flying fish and is known as “the land of the flying fish.” Fish is the national dish of this country and is traditionally served every Friday with you-cou (made up of cornmeal and okra).

One of the unusual things in Barbados is its moveable houses. Whenever the owner wants to move away, he would take his whole house with him.


A strict routine contracts your muscles and numbs your brain; henceforth, the work is always done with a fresh mind, and you always need a bit of extended break. Choose the destination wisely according to your stress and enjoy your leisure time.