Tarte Influencer's travel theories darken with Dubai trip

Tarte Influencer’s travel theories darken with Dubai trip

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Anyone familiar with the marketing genius of Tarte Cosmetics knows that the brand has long sponsored excursions with influencers called Trippin’ With Tarte.

The “Tartelettes” have so far enjoyed trips to places like the Florida Keys and Napa Valley, California, but with their first vacation in 2023, some asked them one simple question.

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Here’s what we know about the Tarte influencer trip to Dubai, and what skeptics say about the incredible trip the top TikTok influencer took part in.

Tart influencer travel theory should be taken with a grain of salt.

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According to Fashionista, Trippin’ With Tarte started in 2013. “At the time, all traditional events were starting to feel the same,” explained CMO Samantha Kitan, adding: They got to know Maureen and really discovered the product in a more organic and meaningful way. “

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In fact, a New Yorker named Maureen Kelly founded the company in 1999.

As Maureen herself admitted, she ” [her] Credit card and dream company. Today, Tarte is worth nearly $74 million. Want to hear something crazy? The company has never relied on advertising to make money.

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Source: Instagram/@itsmaureenkelly

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Maureen was an early believer in social media selling makeup, according to Ocean Drive. She said, “I have never used a model. The campaign uses real women who are employees, friends and friends of friends.”

As such, TikTok has become one of Tarte’s primary means of disseminating information about its products.

The Dubai trip has taken social media by storm and seems to fit Tarte’s marketing strategy. But online critics are evoking this vacation luxury for an elite group of influencers. According to his TikTok detective named Jack Mack, a reporter for Barstool Sports, each influencer and guest travels to Dubai on business in his class, plus a stay at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton and countless trips. Let’s get the goods of .

But was the trip the result of money laundering, as one commenter on his TikTok pointed out?

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Some critics say Tarte’s trip calculations simply don’t fit.

Jack Mac has launched a three-part series on TikTok to “research” the fuzzy math of a Tarte influencer’s trip to Dubai. With his “data,” he rated this trip at $65,000 per person. He points out that this is the equivalent of “a Harvard education.”

Meanwhile, it is said that 50 influencers have traveled.

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As reported by Arab News, among the attendees were Alix Earl, who has nearly 4 million followers on TikTok, Meredith Duxbury, who has 16.7 million followers, and Miang, who has 6.8 million followers. There were twins.

These influencers and others have shared juicy tidbits from Dubai proving that this trip was awesome and, well, extra!

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Based on content shared by the likes of these leading TikTokers, another creator named Simply Simone has also called the brand out for an inexplicable excess in another video that’s gaining momentum online.

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Tarte understands the value of creating a viral product for TikTok.

What’s important to note is that not only did the commentators deny the dubious Tarte influencer travel tale, but one also paid for Dubai with nothing more than the brand’s hot makeup product, Shapetape Concealer. As well as hinted at, the company has seen benefits for these trips in the past. Justify certain voyages.

As Samantha told Fashionista, the Trippin’ With Tarte excursion generated content when Tarte relaunched the iconic Cheek Stain, allowing brands to double their forecasts in just the first week I made it And Maureen pointed out that mascara sales increased significantly as a result of influencers documenting their Napa trips.

It probably helps that Tarte is very strategic in how they choose influencers to take part in these trips. Samantha explains: They don’t have to be great makeup artists, but they have everything fans love. we love it too. “


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