Honey has been used as both a medicine and a portion of food since ancient times. It offers several health benefits and is high in beneficial plant compounds too. Here are some of the benefits of using honey, especially in winters.

  1. Nutritious diet: honeybees make honey that is a thick and sweet liquid. They do this by collecting sugar, especially from the sugar-rich nectar of the flowers from the flowers around them. They continuously consume, digest, and regurgitate nectar once they come inside the beehive. A liquid that serves as stored food for bees is the end product called honey. This nutritious honey contains 1 tbsp of honey that is 21 grams, 17 grams of sugar, and 64 calories that include fructose, sucrose, maltose, and glucose.
  2. High-Quality—Rich in Antioxidants: enriched honey has several vital antioxidants, phenolic compounds, and organic acids such as flavonoids. As per scientists, this combination of the compounds provides nectar with the particular antioxidant power. Besides, two of the studies show that honey enhances the antioxidant value of your blood. Antioxidants are linked to reducing the risk of strokes, some types of cancers, and heart attacks. It also improves eye health.
  3. Honey is better than sugar: people who are suffering from diabetes should take honey instead of sugar because it reduces the risk factors for heart diseases that are common in people having type 2 diabetes. For instance, it may lower the LDL cholesterol, inflammation while raising HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. However, according to some of the research, it can also enhance the level of blood sugar. Note one thing that certain types of honey may be blended with a plain syrup and is illegal in several countries.
  4. Antioxidants help lower blood pressure: one of the critical risk factors for heart diseases is Blood Pressure, and honey helps reduce it in every possible way. It is possible because it has antioxidant compounds, which are linked to lower blood pressure. As per studies in the humans and rats, there are modest reductions in the blood pressure by the consumption of honey.
  5. Honey helps improving cholesterol: High LDL cholesterol is a high-risk element for a heart issue. Besides, this type plays a vital role in atherosclerosis, which is the fatty buildup in the arteries leading to strokes and heart attacks. As per some studies, honey also enhances cholesterol levels. While significantly raising better HDL cholesterol, it reduces the bad one out.

Honey is a healthier and delicious alternative to sugar; henceforth, make sure to choose its best because it is not easy to choose organic one.