Stacey Silva's wedding is an important part of 'Darcy & Stacey'

Stacey Silva’s wedding is an important part of ‘Darcy & Stacey’

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You can’t blame Darcey Stacey and her twin sister Stacey Silva for not living up to the old adage go big or go home. In Season 4 of the TLC show, Darcy and Stacey, Stacey and her husband Florian her Skadi get married for the second time, so their wedding is an all-out affair that only the Silva twins can claim. .

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The Season 4 trailer details Stacey’s wedding planning process and the drama that unfolds between Stacey, Florian, and Darcy. And when it comes to Stacey’s marriage, things seem to be going up.

However, while twins can have solid romantic lives and have great relationships with each other, they can’t seem to have both at the same time.

Stacey Silva and Florian SkadiSource: TLC

Stacey and Florian were already married once before their big wedding in November 2022.

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When was Stacy Silva’s wedding in ‘Darcy & Stacy’?

Stacey and Florian first got married in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, it was a hasty ceremony held at their apartment, and then outside Darcy and Stacey’s father’s home in Connecticut when they learned they had to get married in a specific county.

They were pressed for time to legally tie the knot. And the plan was always to do it again in the form of a lavish wedding, which is exactly what he did in November 2022.

In November, during the filming of Season 4 of Darcy & Stacy, Stacey and Florian remarried. Although this time in front of their family and friends, it was a much more extravagant affair, Darcy was the maid of honor for her twin sister, and Darcy’s daughters, Aspen and Aniko, her bolok, were also at the bridal party for her. was participating.

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And while Stacey and Florian’s first wedding took place outside at night, with only the officiant (and camera crew) in attendance, their second wedding took place at Connecticut’s Saybrook Point Resort & Marina. Stacey also worked with Albanian-American designer Caterina Bocci on her dress and Darcy’s, according to People, possibly as a nod to her Albanian husband.

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What is the timeline for Stacey and Florian’s relationship?

Stacey did not share the development of her relationship with Florian on the 90 Day FiancĂ© Show as Darcy has had multiple relationships. It’s been like an open book on television when it comes to things, and my relationship with Florian is no exception.

Florian Skadi and Stacey Silva

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The couple met on Instagram in 2015. They took things slowly, explained Stacey in Season 1 of Darcy and Stacey. And after they finally started dating, it took them six months before they got engaged. The story wasn’t wrapped up in a proper bow at that point.

In 2020, Florian admitted to a previous infidelity with another woman in the form of a kiss. And despite their problems, they got through it.

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“It actually brought us closer and made us stronger,” Stacey told Life & Style in March 2022. We sleep together every night. “

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