'Special Forces' Star Mike Piazza Emotionally Talks About His Late Father (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

‘Special Forces’ Star Mike Piazza Emotionally Talks About His Late Father (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

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Fox’s reality contest show Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test allows celebrity contestants to prove themselves through grueling physical competition. But it’s also helped many of them open up and heal old wounds they didn’t know needed repair.

And in an exclusive clip ahead of the Jan. 25 episode of Special Force, former MLB catcher Mike Piazza weeps for his late father.

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But who is Mike Piazza’s dad, Vince Piazza? and watched Mike play for several major teams in the league.

Mike and Vince Square

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Mike Piazza emotionally talks about his dead dad in ‘Special Forces’.

In the clip, Mike opens up about losing his father. He explains that his father inspired everything he does. And, apparently, Mike is still influenced by his father to get far in his life and in competition. He even breaks down in tears when he talks about his late father. He acknowledges his own work ethic when it comes to professional baseball.

“He was buried with military honors,” says Mike. “He served in the U.S. Army and was drafted into South Korea. He had this work ethic that inspired me and forced me, so it’s just him in my DNA.”

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Outside of the show, in September 2021, Mike uploaded an Instagram post in which he shared similar sentiments. He wrote, “He was a man of tremendous work ethic, a love of family and country, a friend and mentor to many.”

Mike didn’t share his father’s cause of death, but Vince was 89 and had at least one stroke in the years leading up to his death.

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Mike doesn’t come from a family of MLB stars, but his father was probably his biggest supporter, and even Mike’s fans remember well how involved Vince was in his son’s career on and off the field. .

In 2016, when Mike was honored to join other baseball greats as an inductee, Vince spoke at the National Baseball Hall of Fame induction event.

At the time, Vince held Mike and his four other sons in high regard. They followed in Vince’s footsteps and worked in his car sales business. And Vince was good friends with former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, who gave young Mike a chance years ago.

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Mike Piazza’s baseball career spans over ten years.

Although Mike retired from baseball, he is still remembered as an All-Star catcher who played for many teams. His first team was the LA Dodgers, then he played for several other teams, including the Florida Marlins, San Diego He Padres, and the New York Mets. Mike ended his baseball career in 2007 with his Oakland Athletics.

And, according to Mike, there’s a father to thank for his love of the game and work ethic that got him where he is today.

Watch Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test on Wednesday at 9 PM ET at Fox.

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