The word liberal is used in various combos yet considered as one of the most vitriolic terms in vogue today. Traitors are everywhere in the country, but they choose to destroy any nation by the psychological warfare method. It is said; to end a nation, target its youth and play with their mind by undermining their culture, traditions, roots, thinking education, and whatnot.

Starting with the elite class, their way of living, their dressing, their thinking, and up-growing of their children are all according to the western culture. Wearing wacky designs makes them feel superior and literate whereas they lack ethical values.

What is a state based on? Ethical values? The way you treat the rest of the people? The way you carry your integrity? The way you portray your culture and society? Moral values? OR absurd and zany dressing? Outclass spoken English? Arrogance? Pride and being superior? Glib tongued, known as freedom of speech?

This all is smuttiness, not liberalism, as liberalism involves equal rights to the citizens and availing their rights within specific limitations. Mixing crudeness with liberalism and blackmailing people on the name of freedom of speech has become a trend in our society which no one is ready to accept or digest. They consider humiliating others as their obligation and passing comments on their style have become their habit.

Calling themselves equal to men and compete with them? Sorry but not sorry, men have been given a higher rank by Islam itself. He has been called the SARBARAH of a house and is responsible to fulfil the requirements of his family. But in any case, men have no authority to beat the hell out of a woman, just because he has the right? No! In this case, they are equal as they both are human beings and make mistakes. But it doesn’t mean to highlight personal problems on social media to gain sympathy, as everyone out there will joke around and won’t help.

Being a Pakistani and most of all being a Muslim, it is our responsibility to preach and follow Islamic culture. Taking divorce at pity things, making little things a big issue, and creating hype of it, is all because of the psychological warfare which our people are not being able to understand.

This state of the people is putting them into depression as no one is content with what they have. Everyone is involved in the race and eager to run faster than the other. Millions of dollars have been invested into the artificial industry which has been set as an example to become successful.

There are no moral values set for the youngsters as they are the most mod squad of today’s era, primitive enough to slide into anyone DM’s and offer them sexual content no matter how elder they are. Pervert enough to send vulgar videos and then act innocent and depressed, because no one loves them!

Girls and boys leaking their chats and private pictures out just to gain sympathy, but for what? Both of them were equally involved, but being a girl she gets more sympathy. Why no one asks or blames her for has happened, wasn’t she equally involved and having pleasure?

Why rape cases or some serious matters like these are on air? Why the faces are not blurred? And most of all, why always a poor person who becomes a victim is shown on-air, why are there no such cases of the elite class? Because they bribe the media with money and keep their integrity and respect in their hands.

No one is ready to take anyone’s advice as APNE KAAM SE KAAM RAKHO trend is high on the weed these days, either they are friends, concerned relatives, parents, and parents in law or no matter what relation (that actually is concerned).  Everyone considers themselves as the most genius and intelligent, who can do anything they want.

A lady is pumped to take a stand for herself by portraying an image that the girls are not weak and they can do whatever they want. Why don’t they stand in the queue and wait for their turn? Why don’t they pick the gallon of water and fix it on the dispenser? Why can’t they pick heavy things? Can they listen to the abuses and jerks of their bosses like men do? Just because they don’t have more power than a man.

The same goes for men. Why are they always given so much priority? Can they bear a child as a woman does? Can they give birth? Can they bear the pain of period cramps? Can they work and serve the whole family? Can they leave their home as a girl does?

Media is responsible for promoting and highlighting such content due to which vulgarity is being promoted and ethical values are being considered as absurd and PURANI SOOCH. Everything looks fascinating when it is done in its limits. Neither Islam is this strict (which today’s Mullahs are showing), neither our society is this broad-minded which our media is showing. Both the extreme sides should be taken care of and neutralized.