So, who dated 'The Women Speak' star Jesse Buckley?

So, who dated ‘The Women Speak’ star Jesse Buckley?

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Actress Jessie Buckley has recently made headlines for her role as Marish on Talking Woman. Keep reading to find out more about Jessie Buckley’s dating history.

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Jessie Buckley keeps her dating life private.

The Taboo star is in a relationship with an undisclosed partner and plans to move to Norfolk together, according to The Guardian.

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“She’s expansive and lyrical on almost every topic I think she mentions, but it’s only when the dialogue touches on her ‘blowjob’ that Buckley hesitates or becomes vague.” “With that sound, they move to Norfolk together. The rest is unknown and maybe that’s how she wants to keep it.”

“Look at Juliet and Romeo,” Jesse told the then-f–Kings of Madness publication. .”

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Jesse Buckley’s dating life used to be more public.

Jesse was romantically linked to her War and Peace co-star James Norton from 2015 to 2017, and their messy breakup made headlines in 2018. “It was acrimonious, but it was hard work building a relationship and he’s a great guy and we’re great friends. That’s it. How diplomatic can I sound?”

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She further elaborated on their split to The Times, stating, “If they’re apart for a year for filming, they’re just physically apart at some point.” A few months after the split, it was revealed that James had moved to West End co-star Imogen Poots in the ‘Belleville’ movie at Donmar Warehouse. After dating for four years, they got engaged in February last year.

So who else has Jessie Buckley dated?

Other than James Norton, actress Jessie Buckley has not been publicly linked to any other suitors.

Anyway, Jesse Buckley really seems to be rooting for love.

After playing Lyudmila Ignatenko in five episodes of the mini-series Chernobyl, Jessie opened up about filming the scene where she breaks quarantine and hugs her on-screen fiancée. “You understand how powerful love is and how it can blind you to fear if you love too much.

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