Skylar's past drug use on 'Love After Lockup' raises concerns (exclusive clip)

Skylar’s past drug use on ‘Love After Lockup’ raises concerns (exclusive clip)

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Red flags, anyone? In Season 4 of Love After Lockup, fans are paying special attention to Nathan and Skylar. In an exclusive clip obtained by Distractify ahead of the Jan. 27 episode, Skyler’s family worries that her past drug use will come back into her life with Nathan.

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Skylar and Nathan seem to want their relationship to work, but her friends and family aren’t fans of the pair. Nathan has some serious jealousy and Skyler isn’t afraid to incite him. Let’s not even get into Skyler’s tattoo on her arm with Nathan’s name. Their relationship is really in jeopardy if it’s someone who could recur.

Skyler's mom in Source: WE TV

Skylar’s mother has concerns about her relationship in “Love After Lockup.”

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Skylar has used drugs in the past on “Love After Lockup.”

Prior to his imprisonment, Skyler was a drug abuser. She’s clean now, but in the Love After Lockup clip, her mother Heather worries that Skyler and Nathan’s disagreements could push her daughter to her limits. I’m here.

She admits that Nathan looks “so sweet and so pure.” However, Heather also reminds Skyler that it’s hard to really know who Nathan is.

“We’re seeing red flag after red flag,” Heather says in the clip. She said, “She argues and she constantly feels that she needs to answer him… She worries that it will push her to use it again and it scares me.”

Heather tells Skyler that her “greatest fear” right now is that Nathan might provoke her.

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Fans of “Love After Lockup” are quick to point out Skyler and Nathan’s red flags.

Skylar and Nathan try to make things work after being released, but still face hurdles. First, a male friend called her Skylar and it was their date that she answered the call. Now it’s Skyler’s mother’s concern about what her daughter’s future will be if she continues the relationship.

Fans of Love After Lockup have also taken note of Nathan and Skyler’s red flags. One fan tweeted that both Skyler and Nathan are “emotionally abusive” to each other.

Another viewer shared concern about Nathan looking “aggressive.” But other fans are convinced Skylar is a “walking red flag” in their relationship.One thing is clear: Skylar and Nathan have a lot of work to do.

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