'RHOSLC' friend Angie Casanevas accused of racism

‘RHOSLC’ friend Angie Casanevas accused of racism

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It’s finally arrived: The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 3 reunion is here — and the mess just got more nasty.

On January 23rd, two days before Part 1 of their highly anticipated reunion, RHOLSC newcomer Angie Kasanebas was spotted interacting with a man wearing the hateful “White Lives Matter” apparel. She then released her statement on her Instagram story the next day, only to be called out by her co-star (and criminal) Jen Shah minutes later.

The unfolding of events is as follows.

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Angie Casanevas has been accused of posing with a man wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt.

On Jan. 23, the popular @housewifegifs Twitter account shared two photos of RHOSLC star Angie Katsanevas dating a white man wearing an offensive “White Lives Matter” shirt.

“Angie K is really here unabashedly parading her ‘White Lives Matter’ friends…get her off my show!” I read your tweet.

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The following night, Angie released a statement addressing the controversy via her Instagram story.

“I didn’t know that the man I took a picture with had a message written on the back of his shirt,” she said.

“Original photo is taken from the front. I would never have agreed.I reject all forms of racism.I have and will continue to stand for diversity and inclusion.”

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Jen Shah has accused former friend Angie K of racism.

After Angie shared her statement on Instagram, Jen Shah quickly uploaded her reaction to her story, with just the text “Black Lives Matter” followed by the hashtag #rhoslc and a snowflake emoji. posted. A fan page called Reality Witch reposted it alongside Angie’s statement, calling Jen out for “weaponizing racism.”

Angie then reposted her Reality Witch Instagram story.

reality witch screenshot

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Will Angie K. be fired from ‘RHOSLC’?

After Angie reposted her Reality Witch Instagram story, Jen added more to the original story, speaking directly to Bravo and hinting that Angie should be fired. “Girl colors are showing,” she wrote in all caps. “How did you end up on @BRAVOTV?”

Bravo has yet to reveal whether it will fire Angie K. from the RHOSLC, but viewers are blaming fan favorite Lisa Barlow for bringing her in in the first place.

After the Jenny Nguyen racism scandal in January 2022, people realized that Lisa hired not one, but two racist women to appear on the show.

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When discussing the situation with Angie, Lisa tweeted that she was not responsible for her friend’s actions.

“This girl [and] Only this girl is responsible to me,” Lisa wrote. Because of that, I can only talk about myself.I haven’t slept in five days, so I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Only this girl is responsible for me. I work very hard, have integrity in my work, and raise a boy who knows family values. ♥️I haven’t slept in 5 days so see you tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/7IDZKWcwZ0

— Lisa Barlow (@LisaBarlow7) January 24, 2023

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However, fans have noted that their friendships are very much a reflection of their own morals and values.

When Bravo has to publish ‘This reunion was filmed before the post about Angie k’ came out for the second year in a row… Lisa Barlow sure has a great circle of friends 😭 #RHOSLC pic.twitter .com/hd7auIcSe7

— linnethia mellenCAMP (@nenefcknleakes) January 24, 2023

“Obviously #RHOSLC is full of racist women. Janie is the tip of the iceberg. Angie K is trash and her little best friend Lisa brought them both to this. At this point We are canceling everything,” wrote another Twitter user.

New episodes of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo. You can even stream new episodes the next day on Peacock.

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