Procrastination and its Solution

Pomodoro Technique

One of the biggest reason for not being productive or being lazy is procrastination. This ogre always hit me hard that resulted in blunder full work in the end. But this time, I have found a strategy to defeat it that is to Eat the Frog with Pomodoro. 

Steps to Solution

The steps include in this technique are.

  1. Set 25 minutes timer
  2. Turn off interrupts
  3. Focus
  4. Give a reward to yourself.

The Pomodoro Technique was invented by Entrepreneur and Author Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s.

Pomodoro Technique

I applied this technique in achieving my target that is to complete beginner section of an online course in which I have enrolled myself initially with great enthusiasm but lost it as this procrastination ogre always keep me away from it and always divert my attention towards more entertaining things like watching movies or Tv or using social media.

How to deal with Procrastination

So here is how I began to work towards achieving my target using this amazing technique. I set the timer to 25 minutes and start watching tutorials of the course, though my instant gratification monkey kept disturbing me for other entertaining things, I tried hard to maintain my focus in the lust of winning the war with him. When I reached to tutorial 4, my timer rang. Then I took a break of 5 minutes. To reward myself and to keep myself engaging or to give myself a sense of appreciation, I put a star on a piece of paper and had a bite of chocolate. This is what I least could do to celebrate the victory. Then again set the timer and repeat the steps from 1 to 4 until my timer rang for the completion of the fourth cycle. Then I took a long break of 15 minutes to re-energize myself. During this time, I checked my social media notifications and did some scrolling. I kept my instant gratification monkey under control and started acting upon the Pomodoro technique steps again and finally completed the beginner section of the online course within 3 hours.

Wuhu! Defeated the ogre that was trying to make me idle.


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