Nicholas and Amrit's wedding coming soon on 'Family Karma' (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Nicholas and Amrit’s wedding coming soon on ‘Family Karma’ (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Source: Bravo

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Ahead of the Season 3 premiere, there are plenty of events and plot points that have got Family Karma fans excited. But let’s be honest here: one of his biggest events this season on the Bravo reality show is Nicholas and Amrit’s wedding.

And in an exclusive clip acquired by Distractify ahead of the Jan. 29 episode, the couple are planning their wedding, trying to make sure both needs are met at the ceremony.

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Their goal is to blend elements of Amrit culture with positivity within the LGBTQ+ community. And, as evidenced by the clip, with the unwavering support of Amrit’s parents, they’re on the right track to make it through.Nicholas has one thing he definitely wants to include in the ceremony. Yes, Amrit is here to support him.

Amrit and Nicholas in

Source: Bravo

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Nicholas and Amrit’s wedding is the biggest event of “Family Karma” Season 3.

Karma fans in the family saw Nicholas and Amrit engaged on a boat in Season 2. But the pair have been together for over a decade, so their relationship has always been part of the show. are shared.

In the clip, a wedding priestess explains what happens at the ceremony. Nicholas’ only caveat is that he can write his own vows. Although he participates in this part of the ceremony, he wants them to be “short and sweet.”

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The priest, a couple, also details which Indian deities are revered, and she assures Nicholas and Amrit that the deities are essentially genderless. The ceremony, which his father says he intends to make “as normal as possible for the LGBTQ community,” seems to bring relief to Amrit, who expresses concern about that fact. t “Discriminatory”.

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In a previous interview with Distraction, Amrit teased “the highly charged emotions that go hand in hand with planning a gay, interracial and interfaith wedding.” It is no exaggeration to say that

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Amrit’s parents are very supportive of her marriage to Nicholas.

In a family karma clip, Amrit’s mother assures Nicholas that this is also his wedding and that he has the right to incorporate whatever he wants into the ceremony.

Amrit’s parents want their wedding to go smoothly, and Amrit’s mother seems to be making a big deal about the priestess chosen for the ceremony.

“Her energy is so good, it’s such a positive vibe,” she tells producers. “I am very happy to be able to perform the wedding in a lively way.”

Honestly, Amrit couldn’t have had more supportive parents to help him and Nicholas plan their wedding as the date approached. I got married in April. Viewers will have to wait a little longer for it to play on the show.

Catch Family Karma on Bravo on Sunday at 9:30 PM ET.


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