New York Cast Instagram and Age

New York Cast Instagram and Age

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The hit Netflix series Bling Empire gives fans an inside look into the personal and professional lives of ultra-rich Asians living in Los Angeles. This group is full of entrepreneurs, philanthropists and businessmen living on cost-sparing terms.

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Given the success of Bling Empire, it’s no surprise that Netflix decided to create a spin-off, Bling Empire: New York. Season 2 alum Dorothy Wang moved from Los Angeles to the Empire State.

Much like the OG series, the cast is full of billionaires, influencers, and businessmen who juggle friendships and relationships while trying to make it to the Big Apple.

The OG cast is made up of people of all ages, so fans are excited to meet the NY cast and get a glimpse into their lives. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the full cast and their ages (and Instagram accounts!) so you can get some background while enjoying the new series.

This is 4-1-1.

Vika Abby — Age: 27; IG: @vika.abby

First up is 27-year-old Vika, the youngest member of the crew. The gorgeous brunette works as a model and has a deep affinity for her travels, and Vika has also developed a long-standing relationship with her boyfriend and co-star Richard Chan.

Follow Vika here.

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Blake Abbey — Age: 32; IG: @Blake Abbey

Break next! The 32-year-old has made headlines as editor-in-chief of his art and fashion publication, A Magazine Curated By. Apart from his journalism career, Blake is also an actor and is said to have had a hand in the screenwriting industry.

Follow Blake here.

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Dorothy Wang — Age: 34; IG: @Dorothy Wang

Get through, Dorothy! Bring Empire fans are pretty familiar with Dorothy since she starred in Season 2 of Bring Empire Her and told people about Kane’s nifty ways. She works as a real estate agent and is the daughter of businessman Roger Wang.

Apart from Dorothy’s financial pursuits, she also runs a self-proclaimed website that chronicles her travel adventures.

Follow Dorothy here.

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Richard Chang — Age: 38; IG: @chairman_chang

Hello Richard! The 38-year-old is a business mogul who currently serves as Chief Growth Officer for Hudson Medical + Wellness. Before working in the medical field, he worked his magic, including as Director of Merchandise Planning for Calvin Klein and a Forensic and Litigation Consultant at FTI Consulting. He also founded Un Poco Loco, an interactive taco restaurant.

Needless to say, Richard is passionate about philanthropy and regularly donates to various organizations.

Follow Richard here.

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Deborah Valdes Hung — Age: 40; IG: @deborahhung

Hello Deborah! The 40-year-old loves fashion and travel. Deborah is married to her co-star Stephen Han, and the couple has made a name for themselves as the ultimate networking pair.

Aside from offering fashionable looks, Deborah has a career in law and works as a businesswoman.

Follow Deborah here.

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Tina Leung — Age: 40; IG: @tinaleung

There’s a reason Tina is called fashion’s “it” girl. She is a wife who always dresses up casually. She works as a model, blogger, and stylist, and she makes frequent appearances in high-fashion editorials, so it’s no surprise that her taste in fashion.

Follow Tina here.

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Lynn Ban — Age: 49; IG: @lynn_ban

Next is Rin-chan! The 40-year-old beauty is known to be a jewelery and fashion lover. She’s worked with the likes of Beyoncé and Rihanna thanks to her keen eye for design and her pieces handcrafted and custom for the elite.

Follow Lynn here.

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Stephen Hung — Age: 64; IG: @stephenhungofficial

Last but not least is Stephen Han. Stephen looks like money! The 64-year-old is a billionaire businessman and currently heads SH He Capital, a private investment firm serving real estate, hospitality and other luxury industries, according to LinkedIn. , Rio He is the Vice Chairman of Hotel & Casino.

Follow Stephen here.

Bling Empire: New York is now available to stream on Netflix.


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