movie'? Tyler Posey Says... (Exclusive)

movie’? Tyler Posey Says… (Exclusive)

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Fans are ready to dip their nails into more Teen Wolf content.

For six seasons, Tyler Posey played high school student Scott McCall and struggled with classic adolescent problems, but when Scott was bitten by a strange animal, he quickly realized he was a werewolf. I knew. More than just worrying about competing in a lacrosse game or going on a date, Scott is thrown into a supernatural world where a teenage werewolf and his friends must keep the residents of Beacon Hills safe. You must fight formidable enemies to protect the .

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Following the series finale of the 2017 hit show, Tyler and the OG cast of the MTV series reprise their respective roles in the aptly titled movie, Teen Wolf: The Movie. The setting is he fifteen years later, when a familiar enemy turns up, Scott is forced to return to Beacon Hills. And in true Teen Wolf fashion, he’s not alone.

With many familiar faces returning to reprise their iconic roles, fans can’t help but wonder if this is really the last time Tyler slips into his claws, so to speak.

Source: Paramount+

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In a press roundtable interview with Tyler, the actor revealed his thoughts on Distraction about returning to a possible role in a sequel film or a reboot series of Teen Wolf.

Will there be a sequel to ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’?

From 2011 to 2017, Teen Wolf reigned on MTV, and the fandom never waned.

It hasn’t been confirmed that Paramount has approved a sequel film or a reboot of the Teen Wolf series, but we couldn’t help but wonder if Tyler and the rest of the cast would reprise their roles again.

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While chatting with Distractify in a roundtable press interview, Tyler EXCLUSIVELY said he hopes to see more Teen Wolf in the future, so he can “come back” and do more of his own stunts. .

Source: Paramount+

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“I hurt my back while filming,” he said. “I mean, a lot of the stunt work was my stunt double. I paid my dues on the TV show, so that’s great. If there’s more, I can come back and actually do more stunts.”

Of course we hope so too!

Additionally, during the Teen Wolf press junket, Tyler told reporters that he would like the entire cast to return again.

“It’s something we fantasize about each other,” he said. talking.”

“But you know as much as we do,” the actor added. I hope you get it.”

You can now stream Teen Wolf: The Movie on Paramount+.


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