Mother’s brand– A safe options for your kids

Want a safe side for your kids? This is your way to go.

Assalamoalaikum I am Feroza Arif. I am running my homemade play dough business since November 2018. To promote my venture, I sponsored my play dough in an exhibition that gave me a good response, which compelled me to continue it.

Earlier, I used to make play dough for my kids when they were younger because I couldn’t find any safe option in the market. So here I decided to make it myself. It also gave me inner satisfaction and relaxation about what my kids were playing with is not toxic or edible and is safe So when I started it as my business, I named it as Mother’s Brand as it was an effort of a mother, who was eager to provide her kids with safe playing activity. By the time I introduced cloud dough on my page, which is very helpful in learning numbers alphabets and حروف تہجی ۔ .it is also useful in sensory play.


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Bakhtawar S Usmani
I am an all-rounder in a world full of barbies! Keeper of multiple birds. I may make punctuation mistakes, but they come up for turning into a crore or two extra. Thus, a well-placed crore seems a better choice for me.
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