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You might know the joy and pain of invoicing as a small business owner. In one way, it shows a sense of pride and achievements for the work you have done for your merchandise, and in the other, it consumes a lot of energy and leaves you drained. Besides, it ensures compensation for your hard work. However, making, sending, and tracking invoices is frustrating and tedious; therefore, search for a free estimate generator that can sort your work out.

Why should businesses consider mobile invoices?

They are feasible, especially by a free estimate generator by It. Business owners know a day have mobile phones and do not sit on computers as they used to. Henceforth, they can send and manage invoices through it. You can send a mobile invoice from your phone no as soon as you finish a job from wherever you are.


  1. Save time: instantly make and send invoices with a free estimate generator while on the move; no more extra hours on invoices in Google SheetsJust connect with us on your IOS or Android phone and send us all the details.
  2. Get paid instantly: its invoices get paid instantly. Money from the invoices comes directly into the bank account after being paid in one to two business days, available via ACH, payment gateways, and its payment powered by Stripe, Chase, Ideal, Paypal, ApplePay, and GooglePay.
  3. Keep tracking your invoices: With Mobile invoicing, you can easily track outstanding invoices, fully paid or partially paid. Invoices can be sorted by paused, open, overdue, sent, paid, rejected, or partially paid.
  4. Book more work: make and send an estimate via your cellphone and with just one tap, convert your quote to an invoice once the job is complete
  5. More considerable saving: one of the most significant advantages of mobile invoicing is minimizing costs. Mobile invoicing does not need physical materials or for you to manually track your invoices, unlike traditional paper-based invoicing for making trips to the post office or bank. It would help if you had a data connection or a smartphone to register on an invoicing website for free and get your work done. You can channel the funds to other projects by minimizing the cost of mailing and printing traditional paper bills. It can also improve your cash flow position when the customers pay quickly.
  6. Better data management: mobile invoicing depends on cloud-based tech. That means invoicing apps got some built-in features, which can sync incoming payment records with your office. You can also send data from one end to the other software and share data with the vendors via a secure network. You can also duplicate recurring invoices to avoid making them again from scratch.

How to use it?

  1. Register yourself on the website from your Android phone or iOS device.
  2. Sign up for free
  3. Select invoice by tapping on the plus sign. Select add customer and choose the customer (existing or new) from your directory.
  4. Click on add item to add an item from your list.
  5. Tap send



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