Metal bands have been removed from the festival

Metal bands have been removed from the festival

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Metal band Pantera is facing a wave of controversy over the recent flare-up of earlier racist remarks by lead singer Phil Ansemo. Two European metal festivals, Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park, have dropped the band from their line-ups entirely. According to MetalSucks, the festival came to this decision after discussing the line-up with artists and partners, in addition to fan reaction.

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Pantera controversy: Phil Ansemo was accused of racism after a 2016 incident.

Allegations of racism have haunted Phil for some time. It largely stems from an incident in 2016 when he attended a “dime bash” event at Lucky Strike Live in Los Angeles. It appeared to use the Nazi salute during the performance of “A New Level”.

Phil Ansemo of Pantera

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After the video was released, he tried to cover up the incident by suggesting he was joking about the wine he was holding backstage and reacting to the hostility of others in the crowd. Unsurprisingly, the incident drew quite widespread condemnation at the time, but it did not diminish Pantera’s ability to perform at major music venues.

Given the fact that these metal festivals were to be held in Germany, it makes even more sense that the festivals chose not to invite singers who are partly known for their use of the Nazi salute. I’m here. Part of the movement to remove the band from the line-up apparently came from the German Greens, and Phil told the Nuremberg city council that Phil “repeatedly and deliberately made Nazi gestures and used racist slogans I cried,” he said.

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Pantera’s dismissal splits fans.

It’s unclear if Pantera’s exclusion from these festivals will lead to a wider wave of band cancellations, but fans seem to be divided on what outcome they want.

“Well, they deserved it, especially considering Rock Im Park is in Nuremberg. It’s even worse!” one person wrote following the news.

“Can you say overcompensation?” another commented, suggesting Germany was steering too far in the opposite direction.

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Many online also point to Germany’s horrifying anti-Semitic history, as if the country’s racist past is ill-qualified to judge individual racism today. as if to suggest that

The band’s dismissal is the latest in ongoing calculations about the issue of racism and whether those who advocate things like “white power” deserve to retain the power and prominence they once held. It’s just the front line.

Pantera may have been dropped from this line-up, but it’s unclear what the future holds for the band, or if they still have the kind of fanbase they need to maintain their level of success.


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