Meet Hulu's 'extraordinary' superhero cast

Meet Hulu’s ‘extraordinary’ superhero cast

Source: Hulu/Laura Radford

Brittany Frederick - author

Hulu has developed solid comedies such as the recently returned How I Met Your Father. One of its latest additions is the British comedy series Extraordinary.

Jen was supposed to get her psychic powers seven years ago, but the gist of the series is that she’s the only “normal” person in a sea of ​​special people. is quoted because she discovered that normal is a relative term.

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The British series Extraordinary introduces Hulu viewers to a talented actor they’ve never seen before. Keep reading to find out who’s in the special cast, and where we know from.

If you haven’t started watching yet, the full eight-episode first season is now streaming. Anyone who’s ever wanted to be a superhero, or wondered what it’s like to live as a superhero, will fall in love with this whimsical story with quirky characters. .

Sophia Oxenham as Carrie and Mairead Tyres as Jen in

Source: Hulu/Natalie Seely

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Máiréad Tyers as Jen and Sophia Oxenham as Carrie in “Extraordinary”.

Máiréad Tyers plays Jen, the main character in Extraordinary. This is her first leading role in her TV series and one of her first roles in her acting career.

She made her film debut as Aunt Eileen in Kenneth Branagh’s critically acclaimed film ‘Belfast’ and appeared as Aura in the first episode of the teen drama ‘Tell Me Everything’ before ‘Extraordinary’ .

Jen’s friend Carrie is played by Sophia Oxenham, who has appeared in some of Britain’s most popular television series.

Sophia has made guest appearances on Doc Martin and Granchester while making a recurring role as Tess Treguiden in the post-Revolutionary War drama Poldark. Extraordinary is by far the funniest of any of these shows, so both she and her Máiréad are venturing into new territory. Based on the development of the 1st season, the owner of a natural comical talent!

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Bilal Hasna as Kash in 'Extraordinary' and Luke Rollason as the human Zizlord.

Source: Hulu/Natalie Seely

Bilal Hasna will play Kash in “Extraordinary” and Luke Rollason will appear as Jizzlord the Human.

Bilal Hasna is another relative newcomer to the television industry. Prior to his extraordinary role as Kash, he had only two TV credits: single-episode guest spots on the series Sparks and Screw, respectively.

However, IMDb indicates that he will provide the unspecified voice in Lord of the Rings: War of Rohirim, due for release in 2024.

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Last but not least, Luke Laurason stars as the awkwardly named Zizlord the Human. Luke has the most extensive acting career of any of the main cast and is also a writer and director. Most recently, he wrote and starred in the comedy series ‘Pulped: Bad Tech’ episode ‘Smart Pay Gone Wrong’.

Audiences will probably recognize him from playing Eric’s assistant in a one-episode guest stint on HBO’s corporate drama Industry.

The special cast may not be household names, but they’re making an impression on viewers. Fans have plenty of time to get to know the actor while getting to know himself.

Extraordinary is now streaming on Hulu.

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