Marketing Program- 12 Elements to Consider

A marketing program for any company holds the same importance as its product. Henceforth, the brand should consider multiple factors while formulating a marketing program. Following are some of those factors:

1) Planning the product 

2) Pricing of the product 

3) Branding 

4) Modes of distribution 

5) Personal selling 

6) Advertising 

7) Promotions 

8) Packaging 

9) Display 

10) Servicing 

11) Physical handling 

12) Analysis and Fact-finding 

while creating the product, keep the customer’s demand in your mind. Later, introduce the product to the customers and take their feedback. The next step is pricing after the customer’s approval. Lastly, they are made available to customers after effective warehousing and transportation. This clearly shows that there are different elements in the marketing process to launch a product successfully.

These elements can also be called ‘micro-marketing.’ The brand can easily manage and control its benefits for marketing proposals. Also, the marketing mix is a combination of the four Ps, i.e.,

a marketing plan


a. Physical attributes

b. Psychological attributes

c. Product variety in terms of sizes, flavors, colors, and benefits

d. Quality

e. Design, styling, display, and features

f. Branding

g. Packaging

h. Product range and line

i. Before and after-sales services

j. Warranties and returns policy


 Market skimming— high pricing but fewer sales

b. Market penetration—low price resulting in higher sales

You can break PRICE down into:

a. List price

b. Discount structure

c. Allowances

d. Payment period

e. Trade pricing

f. Variable pricing

g. Credit terms


a. Choice of channels

b. Depth and breadth of distribution

c. Coverage

d. Inventory

e. Warehousing

f. Transportation

g. Locations

h. Service levels

i. Physical distribution

j. Relationship management


a. Advertising

b. Sales promotion

c. Publicity and public relations

d. Direct marketing

e. Personal selling

f. Sponsorships

g. Exhibitions and trade fairs

Many brands have produced a product and spent their energies on marketing it. However, many failed because they needed to follow a standard pattern and missed out on many factors affecting their branding. 

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