Maddie Russo's Cancer 'Lie': GoFundMe Scandal Explained

Maddie Russo’s Cancer ‘Lie’: GoFundMe Scandal Explained

Kelly Corbett - author

People lie all the time. Billy McFarland lied about Fire Fest. Anna Sorokin lied about her finances and identity. And whether we admit it or not, there are probably dozens of celebrities who have lied about their past or present cheating partners.

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But while all of these fabricated fibs are gross and deserve justifiable punishment, few seem to surpass Madison “Maddy” Russo’s alleged cheating.19-year-old Iowa A woman has been charged with theft after she allegedly lied about having cancer and raised more than $37,000 through GoFundMe for treatment.


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Madison Russo’s cancer diagnosis was allegedly lied all along.

Within the past year, Russo has shared her story on social media and local news outlets, writing, “I suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, stage 2 pancreatic cancer, and a tumor the size of a soccer ball. I was a college student,” he claimed. her spine,” WQAD.

Russo, who was apparently diagnosed in February 2022, had an 11% five-year survival rate, according to The North Scott Press. She then underwent probably 15 rounds of oral chemotherapy and 90 rounds of radiation.

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What Maddie Russo did was not only wrong, it was understated

— JAD (@jadsjukebox) January 25, 2023

Madison Russo’s GoFundMe scandal got her arrested.

Overall, Madison was praised for pushing through such a scary time and staying educated. We have started working with an organization, Project Purple.

Then came Russo’s infamous GoFundMe page in March 2022, which has since been taken down.

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According to WQAD, her page reads: As with a cancer diagnosis, medical bills, gas bills, food bills, and overhead costs can be burdensome, and that’s something this family doesn’t need to worry about. ”

This page has raised over $37,000 in donations.

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However, on January 11, 2023, police were notified by a witness with medical experience of discrepancies in her social media posts. After her medical subpoena was obtained, police confirmed Russo’s records did not mention having any type of cancer or tumor from a medical facility within Quad City.

Russo was taken into custody on January 23 on charges of theft. Authorities accused her of stealing her $37,303 from more than 439 donors through GoFundMe.

She was held in Scott County Jail for four hours on a cash-only bond of $10,000 before she was released. Investigation is ongoing.

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