Ruby Stokes as Lucy Carlyle in Netflix series Lockwood And Co Season 1

“Lockwood and Company” Character: Lucy Carlisle Description: What is Lucy’s power? Who is Marissa Fitz?

Character of Lucy Carlyle in the Netflix series “Lockwood and Co.” She makes certain life choices that not only determine her destiny, but also take her on a journey of self-discovery. was a quiet kid, used to doing things he didn’t want to do. Most likely because she did not take into account her opinions and desires. Lucy was her listener, but ironically she was fixated on her own talent. She didn’t want to be an agent because she wasn’t ready to face what lay in the supernatural realm. Still, it was no excuse to make someone suffer and disobey their wishes. Luckily for Lucy, being her agent wasn’t all that bad. Although this profession was risky for her, Lucy was able to find herself and the opportunity to be with people she felt comfortable with.

Lucy becomes very close to a colleague named Norrie, and it feels like she is finally going to leave her past behind and live her own life. I lost Norrie during the operation. Losing a friend is one of the hardest things to do, but this tragedy helped her find purpose in life. Lucy decided to go to London in search of her job, but she didn’t have the necessary qualifications. She didn’t have an ID, and apparently couldn’t get her mother to sign a parental permission certificate. I didn’t have a 4th level qualification, which is the minimum requirement to work and become an agent. As such, she was turned down by most of the agencies and lost all her hope of earning a living in London by doing her research work.

By fate or coincidence, she found an advertisement for an agency called Lockwood in a newspaper, and since she had no other choice, she decided to visit the place once. It was her age running her agency, and even she was surprised that she operated without adult supervision.Lockwood and George welcomed her into their small family and have been since then. She never looked back. While solving Annabel Ward’s case, Lucy learned that she had a psychic connection with spirits and could sometimes channel them through her body. This was the stage when curiosity slowly began to take over her fears, and that having exceptional hearing skills wasn’t such a bad thing. Solving Annabel Ward’s case was an achievement, but it was the Bickerstaff case that Lucy reached her full potential.

Lucy was able to converse with spirits that belonged to Type 3, which was rarely seen in the world of agents. Lucy could hear and speak to the skull in her jar. Skull calls himself an Acolyte, and the subject of Lucy’s current case as his master. . That’s because there was a lot of controversy about the Type 3 class, and many people believed there was no such thing. It was all myth. She was the only person on record to encounter a Type 3, and that was the great Marissa Fitz. Lucy admired Marissa from the beginning, but after she learned she could communicate with Type 3s, she strengthened her desire to be like her. Marissa Fitz played a key role in shaping the modern world, and the agency she started was still considered her one of the best in the world of inquiry. Lucy thought she would be the next Marissa Fitz, but it wasn’t an easy feat for her to achieve. Lucy has come a long way from her fear of her own powers to being able to converse with Type 3s, but she’s not sure what threat the supernatural world could pose. I didn’t know there was yet.

George’s immediate reaction was that Lucy realized she had a unique talent and was just trying to make herself more important. I was not. she was telling the truth. She knew she was powerful and had to accept that fact to reach her full potential.She didn’t mean to brag. She wasn’t the kind of girl who wanted to be in the limelight. Instead, she asked Lockwood over and over again not to brag about her listening skills. would have gladly sat in the backseat. He said he was not satisfied with the decision, but that he trusted Lucy’s judgment. Lucy was clearly the Chosen One, and there was no plausible explanation as to why she possessed such rare powers. It was just that I had to do my best to justify it.

Lucy demonstrates again in episode eight Why was she best suited to possess supernatural powers at Lockwood? Lost. Her good nature never led her to act selfishly. Lucy was well aware that seeing through the glass of bones could have serious consequences, but she knew she had a better chance of surviving than George, so she took the risk. , she also wanted to prove to George that, contrary to what he believed, he was an integral part of their agency and that they valued his contributions above all else.

George had always had doubts about Lucy, but when he stood in front of her that night, Pamela JoplinLucy was the glue that held the agency, Lockwood, and the company together. Her Bickerstaff affair has made Lucy realize she needn’t fear her talent. Because through her talent, she had the opportunity to make a difference. As the saying goes, with her great power comes great responsibility. In this case, Lucy knew that the danger would also increase the manifold. Her powers are as fragile as nuclear weapons, and while they’ve only been able to help her cause so far, they haven’t removed the possibility of them becoming an obstacle. , Lockwood, and George’s trio solve even more cases together, demystifying vague concepts and ideas in the paranormal realm.


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