Lilly Pulitzer- The ultimate beauty

Lilly Pulitzer, aka the magnificent beauty of Rwp.
Details:Name: We could not give her any character due to the circumstances she came to us.DOB: Dec 13, 2020.
Age: 1 year and 9 months oldNature: docile yet fierce. She can kill you with her eyes. Hell hath no fury like a docile being disturbed while she sits at peace by herself.

It was a fine morning in March 2021 when I received a call from the rider. He told me that my basket was there. Everyone looked at me as if I had smuggled some illegal stuff. Not to forget, my youngest brother roamed like a squirrel in the entire house because he was too excited. BTB had no clue what would happen to him in some time (I will be talking about BTB in the next episode, though).

I desperately went to my mother and asked her to pay the fare of the bykea as I was short of cash at the moment. She kept asking what I was up to, but I could not tell her what I had done. Ah! The irony of life. However, the bykea reached my place, and I got my basket from the guy.

What next?

While unpacking the basket, my mother stood by the bed full of rage and anger as what came out of it was not pleasing to her. A 3-month-old fluff ball, all scared, jumped out of the basket and hid under the bed. My mother started freaking out with loads of questions.

“Ye kiskay liye hay? (who is it for?).”

“Bakhtawar mujhy batao ye tmny kis k liye mangwaya hay? (Bakhtawar tell me at once, who you brought it for?).”

Little one and I kept staring at each other, smirking, and running across the room. Our mother had lost it till then. You would have guessed it till now, haven’t you? Yes, it was a white kitten that we got for ourselves. Even though none of us was a cat person and we were not allowed to have one, we got it.


Certainly, I had to respond to my mother’s questions, and finally, I told her that this kitten was mine. It was an atmosphere of WW2. She was adamant about sending back the kitten, and I agreed too, but my brother was not. The war lasted for 2 months, and we could not name her properly. However, it had to end one way or another. And finally, we won.

When did I realize that I wanted to keep her?

Cats tend to make space in people’s hearts naturally. They energetically spread peace and wisdom through their presence. That is what happened to my parents and me. We could not resist loving her and making her a permanent part of our home. It has been 1 year and 6 months, and our bond is unbreakable. Her warmth has melted everyone’s hearts.

P.S. There are many such events where I was forced to realize that I cannot give her to anyone now.

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