By the increasing population, increasing responsibilities and uneven economy of our society, both men and women have to go out in hunt of work to fulfill the needs of their family. Women’s life is hectic, especially when she is a mom of a toddler, therefore she needs to keep a balance between home and her work. It has never been this easy to accommodate both of them at once. Women have a double duty, they have to look after the family and work too which frustrates them more than men.

Most of the women tend to do work just to maintain and have a happy life, but to gain something you have to lose something. Negligence towards her family can create a lot of problems that no one would want. To maintain a healthy and happy life and to pursue her carrier, she has to set some goals in order to keep and maintain a balance between everything.

She needs to:

  1. Make a priority list: if you want to make your life successful and healthy, you need to set your priorities in order- both personal and professional. No matter what, you have to save your energy at least for the breakfast. Make, serve, and eat it with your family so they don’t feel neglected. There are certainly more things that are not negotiable or can’t be neglected at any cost. Making some adjustments and setting priority list will help you sort your matter out at peace.
  2. Bonding with peers: transparency and honesty can make a strong bond between you and your co-workers, HR, superiors, and manager. Let suppose, your kid is too small, you have to feed him, change him and hand over to a nanny, they can make it easy for you by adjusting working hours for you. This way your kid and work both won’t be affected.
  3. Art of delegation: you need to admit this thing, that you are not a superhero and cannot do each and everything. You are not perfect and you lack many things that cannot be done without any help. Decide for yourself and take the responsibilities of the things that can be done by you and only you and let others handle their tasks. You and your spouse can divide tasks accordingly so you both don’t dread after coming back from a tiring day.
  4. Connection maintained during the day: thanks to the latest technologies for providing WhatsApp, calls, and messages to communicate from far off places. Working mothers have the relaxation to make contact with their stay at home toddlers. You can make a video call too, in the break hours, and easily manage the work without any stress or worry.
  5. Set time limit: with a bunch of responsibilities, you need to set a schedule and eliminate and kind of distraction or time wasters. The work which is to be done in an hour can take more than an hour because of the time-wasters. At home, eliminate extra activities like watching TV, etc. and spend more time with your family.
  6. Sketch a line between professional and personal life: feed this thing to your brain, the stress of work should not have any effect on family and vice versa. Office discussions and problems should remain there and personal between you and your spouse.
  7. Your personal space: last but not the least, make time for yourself. Due to the hectic schedule, being a human being, one gets frustrated and depressed. So, to come out of such a situation, you need some pampering. Take some time out for yourself and go for an outing with your family.

Negligence of little things like these, cause a lot of problems between two people which affects everyone’s life. Especially the kids are more affected and can lead to mental problems.