Jason Momoa showed off his head in a cheeky Instagram video

Jason Momoa showed off his head in a cheeky Instagram video

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Celebrities can pull off a variety of sports when it comes to promoting their new service, product line, or brand endorsement on the Internet. But Jason Momoa likes to keep things simple. In a recent Instagram video, the actress and environmental activist showed off some items from her new collaboration with So iLL Canada, including matching T-shirts and flip flops in lavender.

He wore little else.

Specifically, Momoa wears a Malo, a traditional Hawaiian dress that he shakes on social media before, which covers his full modesty and the Instagram algorithm will not remove the video, but gives viewers a good look at his pert bare down.

“We are beautiful,” he said, disappearing.

The suit is a collaboration between So iLL and Momoa’s On The Roam campaign, and is made entirely of plastic, as part of Aquaman’s ongoing mission to clean up the world’s oceans. It was a subject he was very fond of; in 2019 he spoke at the United Nations about how pollution affects small islands in particular.

“The ocean is in a state of emergency,” he said. “All marine ecosystems are disappearing with the warming of the oceans, and as the debris of our planet flows into our waters, we are facing the devastating problem of plastic pollution.. . As humans, we need the world to survive. But pretend it doesn’t exist. Err – the world doesn’t need us.”

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