Malik Riaz’s bank to offer Islamic Housing Finance

Islamic housing and funds

Housing is viewed as the fundamental need of people, and its insufficiency is a significant issue around the world, particularly in less developed nations, including Pakistan. Recently, the conventional banks in Pakistan have begun searching for housing Finance. Notwithstanding commercial banks, Islamic banks are likewise giving housing funds. So basically this article centers on house financing needs in Pakistan and fundamentally examines the current Islamic housing in progress and a perusal of a conventional home loan. According to the various findings, a huge potential for financing exists in the domestic market. The current Islamic housing fund (practically speaking) isn’t coordinated with the standards of Musharaka; nonetheless, it suits in rivaling regular banks. The significant distinction (risk and return sharing) among Islamic and conventional finance is inadequate in the activities of IFIs.


Escorts Investment Bank Limited (EIBL) plans to present an Islamic lodging account. EIBL is claimed by the Pakistani business financier Malik Riaz. Presently it is relied upon to help in the parent organization’s business, Bahria Town, by giving home financing to the forthcoming financial capitalists.
As per a source, aware of the bank’s authentic data, Escorts Investment Bank is creating Shariah-agreeable Islamic products for housing and micro-financing portions. It will be offered to the market once the business exercises resume. The move is said to improve the bank’s administration portfolio for the clients looking to buy property for private or venture purposes.

Be that as it may, the presentation of Sharia-consistent housing fund items is likely pointed toward supporting the parent organization, Bahria Town, in the extension of its different tasks by giving a financing facility to the clients wishing to claim housing units.

The bank has just given a premium-based model (commercial banking) of housing finance for nearby and non-native Pakistanis. However, the terms and conditions for this model are stricter than the housing finance models offered by different banks. The interest charged by the EIBL is KIBOR in addition to 7 percent, which is likewise higher than the interest costs that most different banks charge for housing finance items.

Islamic housing


Housing Plan Implementation

Recently, Bahria Town declared an easy housing plan in different urban communities for local and abroad Pakistanis. This plan is probably going to pull in clients towards its housing society and the bank also.

Malik Riaz purchased more than 71 percent portions of Escorts Investment Bank Limited (EIBL) in 2017 alongside its administration control. EIBL is certifiably not a business bank and is viewed as a non-banking money organization in specialized terms.
Consequently, it is just directed by  SECP with no ward of the financial controller.

After obtaining it, Malik Riaz infused the capital of Rs. 1.2 billion in the bank for the benefit of Bahria Town, which improved the general money-related quality of the bank. By March 2020, the bank had figured out how to shorten the misfortunes and revealed lost Rs. 21.48 million when contrasted with Rs. 36.65 million for the relating time frame a year ago.