Is 'Truth Be Told' Based on a True Story? Let's Find Out

Is ‘Truth Be Told’ Based on a True Story? Let’s Find Out

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Octavia Spencer could see anything. If she started her ASMR YouTube channel containing only conversations about nail polish names, we would hit that subscribe button. Olivia has been a comic genius in movies like Big Mama’s House, lent her voice to animated films like Zootopia, and even took home an Oscar for her incredible performance in The Help. even scares us as Ma-in-Ma fame. Is there anything she can’t do?

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Since 2019, she’s been on Apple TV Plus’ Truth Be Told, a journalist-turned-true-crime podcast host she suspects was involved in sending the wrong man to prison. Now in its third season, the show continues to captivate audiences with its refreshing way of dealing with some tough issues. But are these real crimes? Is the truth based on a true story?

Kate Hudson and Octavia SpencerSource: Apple TV Plus

Kate Hudson and Octavia Spencer in “Truth Be Told”

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Is ‘Truth Be Told’ based on a true story?

Octavia’s turn as investigative journalist Poppy Parnell on Truth Be Told was so compelling that fans wondered if the series was based on a true story. Sorry, true crime fans — these crimes are not true. The show is actually based on Kathleen Barber’s 2017 novel, Are You Sleeping. (More on that later.) Both the book and show were inspired by the hit true-crime podcast, Serial, hosted by journalist Sarah Koenig.

The story may not be true, but the show is honestly deeply rooted. In her interview with EW, Octavia said, “When justice or the pursuit of justice is in public, we challenge viewers to consider the consequences.

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Creator and showrunner Nichelle Trumbull Spellman wanted to shed light on what happens to real-life people who become non-consenting participants in true crime content. “I wanted to explore the impact on families,” she told EW. “When journalists start picking old wounds, what about those at the center of the tragedy?” She asked critical questions about unchecked genres. Truth Be Told provides insight into that scenario.

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“Are you sleeping?” Based on a true story?

Are You Sleeping also seems to be fiction. In an interview with Crime by the Book, the author’s girlfriend, Kathleen Barber, talked about what led to this story. Much like Truth Be Told, Kathleen was influenced by her Serial’s first season.

“I spent an enormous amount of time that fall thinking, reading, and talking about the underlying incident, not just the podcast,” she said. So I almost forgot that it wasn’t just telling an interesting story, it was describing a very real tragedy that happened to very real people.”

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It didn’t take long before she started writing about the other side of the true crime, angry and grieving friends and family. Kathleen spent time on Reddit and her group of discussions where true crime fans put forward theories about the case. Usually called armchair detectives, they treat a few Googles as if they were real investigations. It is not! Kathleen wanted to explore the idea that casual exchanges between strangers about devastating crimes would likely feel “invasive” to those involved. to

Seasons 1 and 2 of Truth Be Told are available to stream on Apple TV Plus. Season 3 will premiere on his January 20th, with episodes released every week until March 24th.


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