Is Todd Field's "Tar" based on a true story?

Is Todd Field’s “Tar” based on a true story?

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Can you distinguish art from an artist? For some artists, appreciating the work of monsters is easier said than done, so this can be a moral challenge. Naturally, some simply refuse to try. And some artists, uh, they refuse to change.

When it comes to EGOT award-winning pianist and composer Lydia Tarr, she believes nothing can break her. This is usually a confident and healthy nature, but a heaping helping of narcissism comes into play.

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Todd Field’s Oscar-nominated, Cate Blanchett-led psychodrama Tarr “examines the changing nature of power, its impact and persistence in modern society.” More specifically, the film depicts the chaotic downfall of a classical music icon in the #MeToo era. Her swirl occurs when she is about to record Mahler’s 5th Symphony with the Berlin Philharmonic.

With juicy themes surrounding control, unhealthy power dynamics, and cultural cancellation, Tár is a work of art in itself. So in this case, does art imitate life? Is Tár based on a true story?


Source: EMJAG Productions

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Is ‘Tar’ based on a true story?

No, Lydia Tarr is not a real person. This is probably a good thing. Sure, her downfall may be reminiscent of a few artist’s careers being canceled, but that’s what makes Tarr such a great movie. Not only that, but the film’s stark, raw, almost chilling marketing tricked viewers into believing that Tarr was a biopic reminiscent of Elvis and the Blonde.

Heck, New Yorker Adam Gopnik is also in the film.

If you thought Tarr was a biopic, don’t be shy. Kat has released an entire piece about how Tarr feels.

“Through Blanchett’s impeccably toned performance, Lydia Tarr unfolds as a three-dimensional frigid maiden. She is talented, cruel and, above all, believable,” wrote Brooke Lamantia. .

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“I was shocked when my amazement subsided after I learned that what I just saw was fiction. I watched Lydia’s life unfold for nearly three hours, but there is so much more to the story.” and assumed that all my lingering doubts would be resolved later.” She continued.

The only way these lingering questions can be answered is if a sequel to Tár is in the works. However, this is unlikely.

Lydia Tarr is a real person and I want to bravely admit online that I thought this movie was a real biopic until 15 minutes before my post-movie discussion with my husband. .

— Lauren Wilford (@lauren_wilford) October 25, 2022

Source: Twitter/@lauren_wilford

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Plus, Todd Field herself talks about why you can’t help but think Lydia Tarr is a real composer.

“She showed up to me about 10 years ago. She’s very real to me and has been for a long time, so in a way I understand why people think she’s real. ‘” he told Vanity Fair.

“Everything I’ve adapted over the years has been based on underlying material in which the character was imagined by others, so I wasn’t sure I could share her with anyone. But here she is.”

And I thank him for what he does, Tár is a wonderful character study that forces us to examine the salacious effects of power. am.

Tár is currently streaming on Peacock.


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