Is 'Those About to Die' a remake of 'Gladiator'? Learn more

Is ‘Those About to Die’ a remake of ‘Gladiator’? Learn more

Source: DreamWorks Pictures

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History tells us that a gladiator appeared before a Roman emperor and said, “He who is dying pays tribute to you.” Now the Peacocks are telling their story in the upcoming series.

Wait, wasn’t Russell Crowe in a movie about this already?

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Is Dying One a television remake of the 2000 film classic Gladiator? When will Dying One premiere? Who is the cast? Here’s what we know.

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Source: DreamWorks Pictures

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Is ‘Those About to Die’ a remake of ‘Gladiator’?

The thematic material features the same historical gladiators, but no, Dying is not a straight-up remake of Gladiator.

Like the movie Gladiator, Those About to Die is actually based on the non-fiction book of the same name by author Daniel Mannix. As per the deadline, the legendary Anthony Hopkins has actually signed on to play Emperor Vespasian in the upcoming period drama.

A release date for Those About to Die has yet to be set, as the series hasn’t even started filming. We are going to start shooting.

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Joaquin Phoenix as Emperor Commodus in Gladiator

Source: DreamWorks Pictures

How many episodes is “The Dying One”?

Mannix’s book tells the story of life in Rome during the gladiator era. Although it was actually published in 1974, it is considered the gold standard when studying the lives of gladiators and their lives during the (Roman) period.

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As of January 19, 2023, the number of episodes of Those About to Die is unknown. However, according to IMDb, the official synopsis for the series reads: Give the mob what they want most: blood and sport. ”

So, do you know any other cast members participating in the series yet?

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Casting details other than the one and only Anthony Hopkins are still being kept secret. But we do know a man, Roland Emmerich, who was directed to supervise a dying man.

Peacock must have a lot of faith in someone who dies right before he dies, considering the streaming platform gave him direct orders for the series in the summer of 2022. Plus, but not just for Anthony). .

We will keep you informed of the details of those dying. Given that the series won’t shoot until March 2023, it’s highly unlikely that the series will premiere this year.In 2024, These About to Die will likely be released.

No, there’s no word on whether Russell will appear on Those About to Die. Maybe he’ll put the helmet on again and surprise us all.


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