Is Thierry Married? 'Rome' star Adriana De Moura's mistress is sick of rumors

Is Thierry Married? ‘Rome’ star Adriana De Moura’s mistress is sick of rumors

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Season 5 of RHOM brought some love life updates for the current cast. Many of her members of the cast want to know more about Adriana’s adventures as Adriana and Frederick Her Marc divorce.

In one episode, Adriana brought her new lover into the group. After he arrived, he confronted the women about his marital status. So is Thierry married? Find out now!

'The Real Housewives of Miami' by Adriana de Moura.

Source: Peacock

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Is Thierry from “Rohm” Married?

When RHOM debuted with Season 4 in December 2021, we saw Adriana go through life as a single woman. In an interview with Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Adriana told Andy that Jacob was strict about refraining from sex. He explained that by January 2022, they were still together, fulfilling the “four-month rule.”

When season 5 began, Adriana was dating a new person, Thierry. We didn’t find much information about Thierry, but according to Reddit, he’s a Miami-area doctor. However, Alexia believes Thierry is still married, reading the Clerks website.

Thierry first appeared with the group at Nicole and Anthony Lopez’s engagement party. While sitting around the ladies, Thierry addressed Marisol and Alexia with a spicy toast.

“I propose a toast…to those who care about their own bloody business,” Thierry said in front of everyone.

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Alexia quickly grabbed Thierry’s shade and told him, “It doesn’t work in this group.” She asked Thierry if he could prove he was not legally married. This comment horrified Gerdi Avalia, who was sitting next to Alexia.

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Thierry dragged his Girlfriend co-star even further by pulling out a final divorce decree. She then warned him that he was “talking to a woman” and found Thierry’s behavior disrespectful.

(Left): Marysol Patton, Julia Demigova, Alexia Nepola, Kiki Barth, and Jonny from RHOM Season 5

Source: Peacock

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“Rohm” fans enjoyed Thierry’s first appearance.

Alexia certainly didn’t appreciate Thierry’s actions at Nicole’s party, but some fans felt that was exactly what the CEO of Alexia and Frankie’s Beauty Bar needed. One RHOM watcher reacted to Thierry’s appearance on Twitter. Some felt that Thierry was off the mark and “aggressive,” while others felt that Adriana’s boyfriend was simply shielding himself from rumors.

“Thierry is hanging out!” one fan exclaimed on Twitter. “He was ready to pull the extensions out of Alexia’s scalp! #rom”

“Alexia deserves the shade Thierry throws at her! And all she has to say to back herself up is that he’s an idiot,” said another.

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Alexia got angry when Thierry asked if she could read.

Two scenes later, she admitted that she had not read the entire document.

20 minutes after that she started talking about how rude Thierry was for saying he couldn’t read 😂. #Roam

— Meika (@Meikachu_) January 26, 2023

Bravo fansite Bravo by Betches also said Thierry could be “trying to earn a mojito” after the explosion scene. She has no word on how much Thierry will be seen by the end of the season, but it’s safe to say that Alexia will read every word of her dossier from now on.

The Real Housewives of Miami airs new episodes on Thursdays on Peacock.


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