Is the 'Shotgun Wedding' Mahal Island Resort Real?

Is the ‘Shotgun Wedding’ Mahal Island Resort Real?

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All Darcy Rivera (Jennifer Lopez) and Tom Fowler (Josh Duhamel) wanted was a romantic, tropical wedding getaway for their pending wedding with close family and friends. Situated on a lush island away from the stresses of the modern world, there is no better place to get married than at Mahal Island Resort. Not to mention that Shotgun The resort itself becomes a character during the events of her wedding.

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So, is the Mahal Island Resort featured in Prime Video’s Shotgun Wedding a real hotel? Can I book a stay there? How much does it cost and where exactly is it?

Here’s what we know about whether the Shotgun Wedding’s Mahal Island Resort is the real deal, or Hollywood smoke and mirrors.

Lenny Kravitz in Source: Prime Video

Only Lenny Kravitz could appear to be being held hostage by pirates.

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Is the Mahal Island Resort in ‘Shotgun Wedding’ Real?

answer? yes and no. The Mahal Island Resort does not technically exist, but the film was shot on location in a very realistic resort in the Dominican Republic.

While Shotgun Wedding is set in the Philippines, the film was shot in ÀNI Dominican Republic. This estate is a 14 bedroom fully staffed mansion on the private peninsula of Rio San Juan.

Described by the resort’s official website as a ‘breathtaking Caribbean retreat’, ÀNI Dominican Republic has enough space to accommodate 28 guests (just right for a small wedding party). Sounds great), and we have over 30 staff on hand to attend to your every need. And desire (it’s an all-inclusive resort, after all.)

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So how much will a stay at a resort set you back? So let’s start with the minimum amount required to book a stay. According to the resort’s website, a guest must book at least five nights at a minimum of $15,000 and move up from there. The prospect doesn’t have to book all 14 rooms, but he does have to spend at least $15,000 (hey, at least all inclusive?).

So let’s have some fun with our (fictitious) booking and see what a 7 day stay costs.

According to the website, booking a seven-day stay in all 14 suites with 28 guests will set you back $154,000. No wonder Darcy and Tom were so upset when pirates hijacked their wedding!

You can now stream the Shotgun Wedding on Prime Video.


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