is the Netflix series Lockwood & Co. Based on a book?

is the Netflix series Lockwood & Co. Based on a book?

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Can you trust a small London-based startup run by two teenage boys and a psychic girl? Did I mention the teenage trio are ghost hunters? In the thriller series Lockwood & Co., three young men “banded together as paranormal investigators, even at the slightest possible risk, to unravel a nefarious conspiracy” when a deadly ghostly entity was discovered. Fight in an overflowing world. What about adult coaches? None of that.

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Anthony Lockwood, played by Cameron Chapman, says in the trailer, “The big agencies pretend to control things. It seems to be hanging.

The work of showrunner and director Joe Cornish (Attack the Block, The Kid Who Be King), Lockwood & Co. looks like something plucked from a Harry Potter-obsessed kid’s bookshelf. It has a decidedly literary air. So is it based on a book?

Source: Netflix

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Which book is “Lockwood & Co.”? based on?

Coming January 27, 2023, Netflix’s upcoming series is based on the YA book series of the same name by author Jonathan Stroud. The series boasts his five installments: The Screaming Staircase in 2013, The Whispering Skull in 2014, The Hollow Boy in 2015, The Creeping Shadow in 2016, and The Empty Grave in 2017.

Jonathan Stroud’s official website describes the series as follows:

Young psychic researcher Lucy Carlyle joins London’s smallest agent, run by charismatic Anthony Lockwood and his hungry assistant George Cubins. Ghost-hunting gear (magnesium flares, scrap iron, chains, salt bombs), their bravery, and a thermos of tea. ”

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It’s unclear which books in the series will appear in Season 1.

The author, who had a consultant role on the Netflix series, discussed whether any major changes were made to his macabre story.

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“There are all sorts of inevitable changes here and there. Some are compressed, some are teased a bit. But the essentials are the main plot, how the world works, and the important characters. It’s been lovingly transferred to the screen,” he explained.

“[Actors] Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman and Ali Haji Heshmati are perfect as my three heroes: beautiful to watch.”

Further, the author elaborated, “I was blown away by the incredible level of detail that brought my world to life.”

“The Lockwood House, 35 Portland Row, was built inside Ealing Studios. I was.

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Source: Netflix

Producer Nira Park, known for British productions such as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, has brought Lockwood & Co. to life. Nila and Joe Her Cornish collaboration helped blend “adventure, horror, and humor” — a mix the author thinks is perfect for his spooky world.

Lockwood & Co. will premiere on Netflix on January 27, 2023.


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