Is the Fox series "accused" based on a true story? Learn more

Is the Fox series “accused” based on a true story? Learn more

Source: Fox

Michael Chiklis in the “Scott Story” series premiere episode of “Accused.”

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Following the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys, Fox debuted its latest crime drama, The Accused.

The anthology series is, according to the official synopsis, “a collection of fifteen intense, topical, and exquisitely human crime and punishment tales.” “Each episode is a fast-paced provocative thriller, with a completely original cast exploring another crime in another city.”

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Now, when it comes to crime shows, viewers are almost always wondering if the central storyline is based on or inspired by real events. Is ‘Defendant’ based on a true story? Read on for all the known details.

Cyrus Lane and Michael Chiklis "Scott's story" Series premiere episode of Source: Fox

Silas Lane and Michael Chiklis at the premiere episode of the “Scott’s Story” series of “Accused.”

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So is the Fox series Accused based on a true story?

After all, the defendant was not based on a true story and all 15 stories are pure fiction. However, show developer and writer Howard Gordon told Deadline that his first episode, “Scott’s Story,” was inspired by the 2019 tragedy of his father killing his own child. .

“So the first story I came up with was because I was the father. Then I came across this article in the newspaper about a Japanese diplomat. He was in the Diet and was arrested for murder. His adult child, who lived at home and feared he might commit a series of knife attacks,” he told the outlet.

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(LR) Stephanie Nogelas, Joshua M. Castille, Megan Boone "Ava's story" Source: Fox

(LR) Stephanie Nogueras, Joshua M. Castille, Megan Boone, “Ava’s Story” episode of “Indicted.”

Howard hinted that the rest of the series is following in its footsteps. “So we can take that real truth and process it adjacent to real events. I think you are getting

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“These are stories that, for a variety of reasons, could only have been told today. That subject matter, or even social media, plays a big part in three stories,” Howard added. “Everything is happening and changing so quickly that this takes these bite-sized fables and, hopefully in a compelling way, parallels some of the things that haunt us all. It was a chance to deal with it.

“Accused” is based on the 2010 British series of the same name.

Although the series is not necessarily based on a true story, Acused is based on the 2010 British series of the same name. The original show, which featured British actors such as Andy Serkis and Naomie Harris, premiered on BBC One on Monday 15 November 2010 and ran for only two seasons.

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Ahead of The Accuser’s series premiere in 2023, Howard spoke with The Hollywood Reporter to reveal why he decided to adapt the anthology series. ” he told the outlet.

Malcolm Jamal Warner "Kendall's story"

Malcolm Jamal Warner in the “Kendall’s Story” episode of “Accused.”

“There was a story to tell here,” Howard continued. “So I pitched it, and honestly, no one was jumping about it.” Hmm — why did they invest so much in the accused as we (and his 8.7 million others)? Isn’t it?!

A new episode of The Accused airing Tuesdays at 9:00 PM ET on Fox.

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