Is 'The Bachelor' Season 24 Winner Hannah Ann Slus Married?

Is ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24 Winner Hannah Ann Slus Married?

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Season 27 of ABC’s The Bachelor may be on the way, but there’s always news about past contestants and winners.

Flashback to Season 24 — Lead Peter Weber finished the season with Hannah Ann Slass, the recipient of the final rose. The gorgeous blonde had a crush on Peter from the beginning, but it turns out his heart wasn’t with her.

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Fast forward to 2023 — Hannah Ann is doing well with the Indianapolis Colts back from late 2021 onwards. However, according to word of the street, the pair have upgraded their titles from girlfriend and boyfriend.

So is Hannah Ann Slus Married? This is all we know.

Jake Funk and Hannah Ann Slass

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Hannah Ann Slus and Jake Funk announced their engagement on January 25, 2023.

It looks like Hannah Ann has found a real man! In a TikTok post published on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, Hannah Ann shared a touching video of her beachside proposal.

In the video, we can see a gorgeous beachside view with candles on the sand leading to a table with food where Jake is sitting. It will switch to Jake who is in.

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The video then pans to a view of the water on the beach, with rock formations in the distance glowing and reads, “She said yes!”

The camera then shows Hannah Ann rocking a gorgeous sparkler with white nail polish and a diamond encrusted bracelet.

The video’s audio features the original sound from the fantasy film that the man is saying. So that means he has 7 billion people on the planet.

Hannah Ann Slus engagement images

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Hannah Ann captioned the video, “Surprise he gave me at the end,” accompanied by tears and a white heart emoji.

so beautiful!

Of course, the Bachelor alumni, including Diandra Kanu, Madison Prewett, Hannah Godwin, and Kelly Flanagan, who is dating Hannah’s ex-fiancé, all shared their congratulations.

Hannah Ann is engaged. I hope Pete is suffering.

— Karolina (@agetawaykar) January 26, 2023

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This all speaks to Hannah Ann’s classy tongue-in-cheek to Peter Weber in the After The Final Rose finale special. Despite proposing to Hannah Ann and promising a commitment to him from Knoxville, it was later revealed that he eventually broke up with Hannah to get back together with Madison, but the relationship ended. It lasted only a few days.

In essence, he took advantage of Hannah and dragged her through the relationship because of his indecision.

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“Peter, we’ve been through a lot together. The first red flag you gave me was when you contacted Hannah Brown and wanted to end your relationship with her.” was,” Hannah said to Peter. Really, in retrospect, our engagement involved three women. “

Fans immediately took Hannah’s side and hoped that one day she would get a happy ending.It seems that day has come.

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Jake Funk and Hannah Ann Slass

When will Hannah Ann Slus and Jake Funk fly their broomsticks?

Hannah Ann and Jake dated for less than two years before getting engaged, so fans are hoping the wedding will take place within the same timeline.

Note that neither Hannah Ann nor Jake have made any statements about their upcoming wedding. We hope to reveal her wedding plans later.

Congratulations to Hannah Ann and Jake on their engagement.


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