Is 'Street Outlaws' Star AZN Married? What You Need to Know

Is ‘Street Outlaws’ Star AZN Married? What You Need to Know

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It’s been almost a decade since Street Outlaws premiered on Discovery Channel. Since its inception, the show, which explores the exhilarating world of Oklahoma City street racing, has become a cult phenomenon.

It became so popular that spin-off shows such as Street Outlaws: Memphis and Street Outlaws: Fastest in America were subsequently created.

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He also introduced us to many great racers, including our beloved AZN, whose real name is Jeff Bonnett.

While it’s clear that AZN is married to Race, fans are wondering…is he married in real life as well? Here’s what we know.

Jeff Asun Bonnet

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Is ‘Street Outlaws’ Star AZN Married?

In a nutshell, AZN’s relationship status is complicated.

He doesn’t appear to be married, but we’re not sure the same can be said about his alleged partner.According to TV Star Bio, AZN is believed to be having an affair with a woman named Leesa Lacey. . The details surrounding this potential courtship seem questionable as she is believed to be married to someone else.

All this may seem unlikely, but her social media posts include AZN. In the photo she shared below, he is pictured with two dogs.

“The kids were so happy to have dad Jeff Bonnet come home,” she wrote in the caption.

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But on the contrary, she sometimes shares photos with a man named Luis Lenova, who seems to love her very much. .

But the biggest clue that something might be going on between AZN and Leesa comes from a photo of the two on Facebook. In the caption, Leesa wrote that they crossed paths 17 years before her, calling AZN her “ride or die,” which also includes a heart emoji.

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However, Leesa does not appear on any of AZN’s social media profiles. However, he had previously posted a meme on Instagram that hinted that he might have a wife.

In March 2022, AZN shared the following meme:

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Memes are never concrete evidence, but if he doesn’t have a wife, it’s interesting to pick a meme that mentions his wife.

Anyway, this is intriguing, so fingers crossed that AZN will address these allegations sooner or later!

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